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    H1 Extn OR EAD

    Hey mogambo2495, You said that you got your EAD approved recently? Could you tell me your filing dates, approval date and also how long did it take for you to get your EAD card? I got my EAD approved on 9th June, 2005 but have not received my card yet. I am in a similar situation as...
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    Regarding 1 800 375 5283 message update

    Tell me about it! My EAD got approved about 2 weeks back and the online status still says that the we are processing your case! I spoke to my lawyers and she said that there has been some problems with uscis site and they are going to fix it soon. Don't worry and congrats on getting your...
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    EAD Approval notice.

    I received an EAD renewal approval notice today that is valid from 23rd June, 2005 for one year. So is it necessary that I should receive the EAD card before 23rd June, 2005 for me to be in status and continue working? My current EAD expires on 22nd June, 2005 and would like to know if I can...
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    I-94 validity date.

    Thanks all for your responses. I spoke to my lawyer and she confirmed that my I-94 expiration is the absolute date by which I have to leave the country. So I have decided to file for "Extension of Status" by which I will receive a new I-94 with expiration date of my new H1-B visa. I have to...
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    I-94 validity date.

    Thanks 2ltl2l8 for the information! Can someone still tell me if it is necessary to extend the I-94 date, even though I have a valid H1-B Visa till June 2006? I know a few friends who are staying like that, but my lawyer is insisting that I file an extension or something. Someone help!
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    I-94 validity date.

    I had gone to India on vacation. On coming into US I used my old Visa which is valid only till end of June and my I-94 got stamped till end of June of 2005. I do have a valid H1-B till the end of next year 2006, but since I did not get an appointment in time I did not stamp that new Visa in the...
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    Additional Security Check!!!!!!!!!

    Guys, Any idea if "Name check pending" for I-140 and the "Additonal security checks" for I-485 are the same? Wanted to know out of curiosity. I am also stuck with I-140 says "Name check pending with FBI" - needgc1701
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    Any March 2004 people out there still?

    Name check pending. I guess when I filed an inquiry and got a response from my Lawyers, I did not read my email very "closely". This is what I learned (I don't know how many of us know about it!): Inquiry was done for I-40. RFE reponse received on 01/10/05. This is the exact response that...
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    Any March 2004 people out there still?

    Hi Kabish, I am in the same boat as well. Here are the case details: EB2 Semi concurrent: I140 - RD 03/08/04 LUD - 04/14/04, 12/01/04 (RFE - Ablility to pay), 01/10/05 (RFE response) Inquiry on 02/10/05 LUD - 02/17/05 (Says Name check pending) I485 - RD 05/27/04 LUD - 07/27/04...
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    3 weeks after I140 RFE LUD

    hello_me, Wow I never checked the phone message ever, this is the first time I checked for I-140 and I-485. The I-140 message is the same as yours "Due to temporary problem .. contact latter". I don't know what that means. - needgc
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    3 weeks after I140 RFE LUD

    Hi hello_me123, My case is similar to yours. I responded my I-140 RFE on 10th Jan, 05 and there has been no LUD change since. I was also thinking that they actually get to your case within 2 weeks of you filing a RFE response, but that does not look to be the case. I also heard from a...
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    For people with LUD of 10/27

    Here are my details: LC: RD: May 2001 (Couple of RFE's in 2003) AD: Jan 2004 I-140 RD: 5th March 2004 LUD: 4/14, 11/15, 11/16 RFE: 11/30 Company's Ability to pay & Letter from my company detailing my salary and job description I-485 RD: 25th May 2004 FP: 22nd July 2004 LUD...
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    I140 RFE APPROVED, How long does it take for 485 to get approved

    Hi lisansw, Like everyone my case was stuck in labor in 2002 and there was no news about my case. But in 2003 after a few inquires I got an RFE. They actually compared my case with a subordinate who has a masters. since I have BS + 5 years of experience I was almost forced to go back to EB3...
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    I140 RFE APPROVED, How long does it take for 485 to get approved

    Hi Venkatram, Can you tell me what is documents were asked for the RFE? And also send out your list of dates/LUD for all stages. I have also received an RFE on I-140 and the mail has not yet been received by the lawyers, so i am very curious. LC: RD: May 2001 (Got couple of RFE's in...