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    EB2 with RD 2006 approved!!!!!!!!

    I do not believe he is approved yet. He is more of a posing a question. Good Luck va_lc_case though...hopefully you will get it soon. MV
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    Approved on Sept 19th!!!!!! At long last!!!

    Ok. Got it. So he/she didn't the physical receipt notice but knew the case has been received via check submission from USCIS and the receipt number on that. MV
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    Approved on Sept 19th!!!!!! At long last!!!

    If you were never received a receipt notice then how did you know your receipt number? I believe to receive emails one has to know receipt numbers for the case. MV
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    485 Approved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome!!! Congratulations!!! All the old timers should get cleared before OCT bulletin. Its high time. MV
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    Pending AP after GC approved

    If I were to send RFE reply for AP, I will make sure I send it the cheapest way this time. I have given USPS enough with my certified and delivery confirmation express mails to USCIS Blackbox aka Mailbox. MV
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    Pending AP after GC approved

    Yeah man. That was the beginning of Kutcher...perhaps the end too in movies :-). I liked that Sean William guy. You dont see him any more. He rocked in American Pie. Hey since I dont want ppl to get ticked off cos of non-immigrant discussion so I have a question for you? I recently...
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    Pending AP after GC approved

    Easiest is 1 and it also suits my lifestyle :-). So 1 it is. Now since I have been promised the green I want to see the green. Dude, Where's My Car'd'? MV
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    Pending AP after GC approved

    I have a question. I had an RFE for my pending AP. I did not reply yet but have the documents ready. Since my GC got approved yesterday, what should I do? 1. Should I just ignore the RFE and wait for denial of AP? 2. Should I send the RFE reply? 3. Should I withdraw my AP? How does one do...
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    Hudakchullu APPROVED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    congrats hudakchullu!!! what time did you get email? did your recent LUD (9/5 and 9/6) was accompanied with any status message change? mv
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    I-485 Approved on 09/17/07

    congrats kv2002!!! could you please elaborate on your recent LUDs? what was the exact status message on 9/7 LUD and what was the status message prior to 9/7 LUD. thanks. mv
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    Is it too quiet, have the visa numbers run out?

    well...its just a matter of 2 weeks...we cant do much contemplating... as someone calculated yesterday...only 12 business days left including today...and if you discount fridays and mondays...then only 7 real resulting producing days... so all i can say for all of us...good luck and only...
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    Now it's my turn-Approved and NO LUD's so far.

    Congrats!!! Seems like you were approved couple of days back...perhaps last week some time. Is this correct? Guys...have we seen any new EB-3 approval this week from old PD of retrogressed countries (India)? MV
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    Got another LUD today. Need Help

    Congrats!!!. It is an approval. Whats your PD, category and country? MV
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    LUD Change today today (09/13/07)

    I had LUD change with today's date too (I had one yesterday). As I have seen this is normal, if you have one LUD then you have for two consecutive days. Today's LUD didnt come with any status change which is sames as yesterday when it changed to "case pending at the center..." from " case...
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    LUD in september means.......

    So cruel calculation....but so true :-( MV