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    Getting passport-how long?

    ^ Yes and yes.
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    US Citiz moving to diff country

    He's a citizen - not a GC holder. Please read the thread next time.
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    Adopted by US citizen am I a citizen?

    While N-400 does carry a cost, it's the only way forward in this case, I'm afraid.
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    US Citizen Rights at US Border

    Why would they ask a question like that?
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    N-600 Help

    If you think about it, it's a very cheap document. Yes, it's a relatively hefty sum up front, but it'll last for life so if you break it down and see how much it costs over an extended period of time (decades) than it's just cents at best.
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    Interview today - Approved - Special Veterans' Day Oath at the Intrepid!

    Can't resist putting some political jabs in there huh? I guess you got the kind of officer to go with your attitude. ;)
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    Born in Canada to US Parent

    Now don't do this to your kids and all will be well! :D Just joking. Congratulations.
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    If I get Citizenship, Is it a must to give green card back?

    It's very hard to change habits that have been ingrained in your for decades.. :)
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    Jury Duty

    In Illinois my license has always been a regular license with no distinction from a citizen, even when I was a GC holder. So I don't think all states issue different licenses based on status. The reason I said they don't know is because when I used to be a GC holder, they used to send me these...
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    Same Sex Marriage

    Yet unlike the government, your opinion in this issue doesn't matter one bit as regards to laws, immigration or other government benefits. I also don't recall anyone asking you anything related to what you recognize or do not.
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    Jury Duty

    You do not. You can just call them up and tell them you're not a citizen. They get your information from state ID databases so they don't know if you're a citizen or not.
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    Finally Become PR

    Well, congrats! Now, behave and you'll be a citizen in 5 years if you're interested in that. :)
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    Left out occupation on application for passport

    How could that be when the State Department is in charge of passports and not USCIS?
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    Anyone with a lawsuit against USCIS or thinking about a lawsuit (Merged)

    Many people in this thread have done it alone. I don't think a lawyer is strictly needed, and $5000 seems extremely high. Just re-read the thread (I know it's long) and you'll find the necessary links to tutorials and stuff. Good luck.
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    Lost "Expired Passports"

    Aha, and? Expired passports are not valid anymore, and it doesn't matter in the slightest if you lost them. Sentimentally it might matter, but that's why humanity created blogs.