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    OCI related question

    Usually, they return it along with your US passport. Sometimes, if the guy processing it is lazy, he/she will simply send your US passport back. If that happens, you have to call Travisa and pursue it with them. They will ask you to send another prepaid envelope to return the Indian passport. It...
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    Basic OCI online application questions for minor

    Travisa recommends any mail option that is trackable. They really dont care if it is UPS or FedEX or USPS. The priority mail with delivery confirmation fits their criterion.
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    Basic OCI online application questions for minor

    Its a grey area. Never seen an instance like that. Sorry. I used the mobile number field but never got any text message regarding status. Got only email messages. Used USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation (tracking number) envelope. It reaches in 2 days. Inexpensive and best in my...
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    OCI - New York Tracker

    Is anything happening? This thread is quiet for a long time. Aren't people applying for OCI thru NYCGI?
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    Questions on OCI Application Process

    My son recently applied for OCI and they accepted the photos taken at CVS pharmacy (regular US passport photos with white background).
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    OCI - New York Tracker

    My wife sent her application on 27th August and still no acknowledgement. It doesn't look like NY consulate is working on OCIs at all. No way to get in touch with them. Emails are not responded to and phones are hopeless.
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    OCI - New York Tracker

    They return the passports using first calss (per your classification - ordinary mail) mail. It costs them couple of buks. Charging $20.00 is absolutely ridiculous. Hey thats life! is it not?
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    OCI - New York Tracker

    Yes it works. I did use postal MO back in Feb 06.
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    OCI - New York Tracker

    They are interested in $20. Though they use just the regular first class mail (costs about $3) to return your docs, they demand $20 for it. So, you will be pissing them off if you choose to send pre-paid self addressed envelope. They may give you hard time for doing that. It is not worth it...
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    What to do with kids' USCIS documents after the oath?

    You do need to send the kid's GC along with birth certificate and the parent's original naturalization certificate with the kid's passport application.
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    Chicago IL - N-400 Timeline

    Relax dude! It is not even couple of months since you applied. There are folks waiting for much longer period. Have patience.
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    Dude, this is serious business. Consult an immigration lawyer if you are serious about the citizenship process. I understand you have some reservations about revealing the facts of your case. I am not finding fault with you for that. This public forum is not the avenue for advice in your case...
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    Rejected Fingerprints--How they affect citizenship timelines

    My wife's experience is exactly what Caramuru had.
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    N-600 Question

    Oh I see. Thanks for clearing it up. I learnt something new. Both of my boys (17.5 and 15 years) got their citizenship thru me back in 2006 and I was not aware that the child citizenship law had a beginning date nor was I interested in researching it as it was not of interest to me. I love this...
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    N-600 Question

    How is this 'Feb 2001' playing a role in this case? His mom got her citizenship in 1997 when the guy was 17 years old. I thought he is an eligible candidate for deriving his citizenship thru his mom. His step father not adopting him or his mom's marriage in 1989 has nothing to do in his case.