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    Need help to understand code 212(d)(5) on I-94

    I entered US in January 2008 on advance parole and got code 212 (d)(5) on my I-94 with expiry date January 2009. I have H1B I-797 notice of approval until May 2010. My I-140 got denied based on Ability to pay and my company submitted appeal (I-290) which is still pending and my I-485 (adjustment...
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    I140 approved Finaly and I485 ????

    Priority date is the labor submission date, your PD is very new and they are working on May 2001 cases so you have to wait few more years to get your GC.
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    Any travel restrictions on AP ???

    As i know there is no restrictions travelling on AP. I was in India for 52 days on AP and came back a week ago without any issue.
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    Travel on AP

    I just came back from India on AP. The officer asked me what was my status before AP i told him that i was on H1B. He did not ask any further question. It was smooth rentry with AP for me and my famlily.
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    AP / Travel/ I140 Approval ?

    I am traveling to India on AP my I-140 is still pending. My attorney told me not to worry about I-140. i assume that they will send RFE before they deny in any case and you will have 90 days to reply. So, if i get RFE while I am in India i am going to ask my attorney not to reply until i return...
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    Travel to India on AP - Need Advice

    here is new information at ------ 10/24/2007: Reinstatement of H-1B Status for Returning H-1B 485 Applicants from Overseas Trip in Advance Parole There are and will be some H-1B professionals who have to travel on Advance Parole rather than on a H-1B status because of...
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    I-140 Priority Dates

    Priority date is based on labor cert not on I-140 the question here is can you use priority date of your original labor cert that was approved on your name. Can some one answer this question? I guess you need attorney to answer this question most probably you cannot use your old priority date.
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    Let's track I-485 filed after June 01, 2007 We can track AD, ND, FP etc post 06/01/07

    We got RFE on my wife's AP regarding copy of I-140 my attorney sent it via express mail the day they received our mail the message changed that we received your reply to our...... my case is in TSC center
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    Would USCIS be able to trace an application status if you don't have a case number?

    Yes, they should be able to trace his application with his last name, first name and date of birth. One of my friend called them and they were able to trace his application.
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    Transfer to another compnay wtih an approved Labor and Approved 1-140 and a current H

    Your ABC’s GC processing will continue until your ABC’s employer revoke I-140 or 485 ( If you have submitted) and you will have option to go back to ABC if company is ready to take you back.
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    Possible missing advance parole (AP) in Mail.

    ============================== I just want to let you know that my wife's AP received today by mail after 36 days of approval Email.
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    Transfer to another compnay wtih an approved Labor and Approved 1-140 and a current H

    that's true you can only carry your original ABC PD and use your I-140 to file three year extension but you cannot carry your labor and I-140. I changed the job after 7 years and used my old company's approved I-140 to get 3 year extension.
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    H1B visa appointment at Ciudad Juarez, Mexico on Oct 23rd 2007

    I am also planning same time we can go together, can you let me know how to book appointmnet? please send me the link
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    H1B visa appointment at Ciudad Juarez, Mexico on Oct 23rd 2007

    I am also planniong to go to Mexico for H1B stampping but i do not have valid visa on passport. What will happen if they give me 221 (g) form without stamp on passport can i come back to USA? any one had same situation please help me here. Thanks