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  • Yes I see that you haven't received it, I bet is going to be soon. It looks like the process from when they receive our application to fingerprinting letter is pretty accurate 2-3 weeks after u receive the NOA. The waiting starts after the fingerprinting when it goes to name check etc then your DO. New Orleans seems to be pretty quick so hopefully for me too. So hang in there =)
    Hey there! Great! I was looking at this other person that also has our same dates and he received his fingerprint letter yesterday dated 08/07/09 so hopefully we will get ours soon. Thanks for the good luck wishes and I wish the same to you. Take care!
    Hi Mimi1212, I see your dates are exactly as mine, we applied the same day and priority date is same. I wish you goodluck with your case, keep me posted of your status if possible. Thanks
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