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  • hi.. how are you?
    i need help... i guess you know what to tell me.. so..

    i'm from Indonesia...
    my asylum case got approved on June 9th 2008... and then..
    i will apply for green card after june 9th 2009, right?!
    but i want my girlfriend live with me in USA...
    do you think i should married with her before i apply green card because i'm planning to meet her on july 2009?
    or do you think i should wait until my green card approved then marry her?

    i will marry her in Singapore.. because i cant go back to Indonesia...
    after we get married.. what's her status when she entering USA?
    should she come to USA with tourist visa then apply green card?
    can she go back to Indonesia for like a week to meet her family? (because i think i'm the one who apply Green Card through asylum)

    please help me with this problem.. thank you.
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