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    Best way to extend/get Visa beyound 6 month? Mother-in-law

    Hi, Imagine mother-in-law is senior citizen (70 year). Her US Visa is valid till Nov 2011. She got visa for 6 months at port of entry in the US. Is it realistic expect to get extension for her if I apply for extension while she in the US? Or, sometimes I hear people they go to...
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    Chances for my wife get citizenship after this scenario

    Myself and my wife got greencard on 11/1/2006. Imagine that I stay working in the US till citizenship is completed (I guess end of 2011). Then my wife departs with my son (he is American citizen) on Dec 2010 (about 7 months before applying for citizenship). Let's say my wife comes to the...
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    Question on naturalization for consultants which are traveling

    Thanks for the quick reply. Guys, would you tell about the requirement for N-470 approval during the very first interview with the company or would you wait till you get an offer to talk about that?
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    Question on naturalization for consultants which are traveling

    Folks, If one gets a job position for an American company and needs to travel back and forth from US to Latin America (let's say every 2 months you are in the US for 2 weeks then travel again) in that case do you need to bother and apply for N-470 to preserve residence for naturalization? if...
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    Question on reentry permit

    Got it. Thanks all.
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    Question on reentry permit

    Now I am confused why you bring this up. What difference does it make if you refer to an issue using third person or the first person?
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    Question on reentry permit

    In my case it would be a new job though that a connection in the biggest telco hardware maker wants to offer me. I imagine that once the job offer is materialized though, I can't see why the company Head Quarters could not issue a freaking letter stating my job title, tasks, etc stating that I...
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    Question on reentry permit

    It seems in my case my best chance would be getting the letter from the American employer branch and applying for the N-470. If approved, the N-470 should keep my time towards residency even if I spend the two years overseas, right? That should solve the problem? Then I would just come back...
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    Question on reentry permit

    OK. So if I return to the country every 5 months while I am out for those 2 years, that would probably change things, right? That means I would not break the continuous residence thing.
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    Question on reentry permit

    After getting the greencard, one lives in the US for 4 years. Then apply and get the "reentry permit" for 2 years. Let's say the individual returns to the US after 2 years. Should the individual wait one more year then become eligible to apply for citizenship (total of 5 year) or the time is...
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    Processing time N-400 for Seattle

    Greetings, 1. Once one submits paperwork for citizenship, how long does it take to get processed these days (Seattle)? 2. Typically do you need to go physically to the USCIS local office for interviews, or the whole thing is done via mail?
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    People with experience on N-470, please help

    Guys, can you please confirm this nuance about N-470: If you apply and receive offer from American company in country of origin, then American company branch issues letter stating that you are developing business, etc for company in South America, blah, blah, is that what USCIS normally needs...
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    Anyone has seen or can show a sample N-470?

    Anyone has ever seen a valid N-470 letter/affidavit? I am about to apply for a position with an American company branch in country of origin and I would like to see how the N-470 letter/affidavit looks like.
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    Please confirm I could likely be OK to get citizenship in 5 years

    Ok from reading the N-470 description form, I see the American company would need to issue a letter/affidavit stating my employment. So in my case I would get the job directly with the branch overseas. Well, it is still the same American company and they need me there so I hope that should be...