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    Approval after code 3 finger print

    Approval within 20 days of FP isn't so ridiculous -- my wife and I had something similar (notice date 4/18/05, FP 7/7/05, approved 8/11/05, cards arrived 8/20/05). I'm wondering if VSC are getting on with the cases they CAN approve while EB3 is stuck. (I was EB2.) I half-wondered whether the...
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    EB2 visa numbers availability

    The September bulletin is out, and it says that processing of EB-3 will resume with cut-off dates for China, India and the Philippines (and possibly Mexico) in October. EB-1 and EB-2 remain current for September, but China and India are likely to get cut-off dates in EB-1 and EB-2 from about...
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    Holding H1b, I485 paeding, do I need sponsership if change job????

    You need an EAD. If you don't already have one, get one (if you've filed for I-485, you're eligible to file for an EAD.) When we applied for one in April as part of our I-485 package, it came in about a month -- but that doesn't mean yours will, of course. If you want a new job before that...
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    weird A-number on Welcome letter and green card

    I just looked at my I-140 approval notice and it doesn't have an A# on it at all. It has a receipt number, but that's just in the usual EAC-05-xxx-xxxxx format. Where would you expect to see an A#?
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    Unbelievably Fast Approvals

    Me too :) I think VSC is running a twin-track approach -- new applications (since about October, I think) go through quickly, and they're separately clearing the backlog on older ones. That, or standalone I-140s are done really quickly... (mine was a standalone)
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    how many days to see approval/RFE/denial after LUD change(s) for 140?

    Well, I got a fast approval -- I looked at the LUD on Tuesday, saw it was 1/17/05, thought 'that's funny, Monday was a holiday', and my lawyer got the approval notice in the mail today! Online system still says 'received' though. On to waiting for NVC... (for a variety of reasons including...
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    Is it true ? ---- No more RIRs for IT

    Yes, sadly it\'s true I just got a copy of the memo sent to local AILA members. It says: --start memo-- Sharryn Ross, DOL Region I Liaison, reports the following information she received from Ray Lopez: 1. As a result of the memo from Dale Ziegler, Chief of the Division of Foreign Labor...
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    Boston DOL Region- - I tracker Part II

    No Title Your MA SESA case number is almost identical to my (sadly now defunct) case -- so if you don\'t get any luck finding the case, e-mail me at telling me your employer\'s name and salary (at time of LC filing), and I should be able to find your case number and status.
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    Boston DOL Region- - I tracker Part II

    34 yesterday Here\'s yesterday\'s 34. This may be my last report; my employer went out of business yesterday, so my LC is dead in the water and I\'m out of a job. Hopefully I\'ll be in a new job and back to the beginning of the MA SESA queue sometime soon... 1306824 Software Engineer 2/5/01...
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    Boston DOL Region- - I tracker Part II

    46 on Monday... 1306823 Software Engineer 2/5/01 Reduct. in Recruitment Denied On 01/14/2002. 1307252 Manager, Retail Store 3/2/01 Reduct. in Recruitment Denied On 01/14/2002. 1307282 Data Communications Analyst 3/7/01 Reduct. in Recruitment Denied On 01/14/2002. 1307641 Programmer Analyst...
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    Boston DOL Region- - I tracker Part II

    Let\'s see... 22 on 1/2 20 on 1/3 26 on 1/4 14 on 1/7 44 on 1/8 20 on 1/9 15 on 1/10 So that\'s a total of 161 cases in January so far, an average of 23 per day. If they keep this up for the rest of the month, they\'ll process about 500 cases this month; that\'s enough to keep up with...
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    Boston DOL Region- - I tracker Part II

    Actually, that\'s 20... The two farmers were NOFed on Dec 5th, and the rebuttals were due by yesterday. To answer razmataz, my understanding is that the database is updated every morning at about 5am ET. (I downloaded the list this morning before 8, but I had computer problems so didn\'t get...
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    Boston DOL Region- - I tracker Part II

    No Title For a start, we haven\'t even reached the i start of the 245(i) deluge. With the exception of odd cases, the latest RD we\'ve seen action on is April 13, and that will be a case that was filed around January. It will be interesting to see if RIR and non-RIR start taking a...
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    Boston DOL Region- - I tracker Part II

    sunnyboy, call your lawyer... Your case is still listed as \'NOF Rebuttal Received 10/10/2001\' which means that it\'s beyond the scope of most of our experience. Why DOL would sit on a rebuttal for three months is beyond me, but I suggest you yell at your lawyer and get him to start...
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    Boston DOL Region- - I tracker Part II

    No Title As far as I know, these are all permanent cases. Given the amount of time it\'s taken to certify them, I can\'t believe they would be temps. in limbo: Don\'t worry, they\'ll fill in the gaps. I don\'t know how DOL works, but they do seem to jump ahead sometimes. That was certainly...