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    Applying for political Asylum from J1 Visa

    Question 1 - There are two exceptions to the one year rule, "changed circumstances" and "extraordinary circumstances". The first exception involves things that have happened since you have been in the US that materially affect your eligibility for asylum, like changes in the situation in your...
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    New resource for people applying for asylum

    On January 31st the Executive Office of Immigration Review opened up their website for doing research on country conditions to the public. You can access this excellent information at: This is a great source for finding reports...
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    law school student attorney

    Student attorneys at law school clinics work under the direct supervision of very qualified law professor/attorneys. Generally they put much more work into a case than a paid attorney will. And asylum is a very labor intensive type of law, so the more hours your representative puts into...
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    Reasons of asylum interview delays

    Actually the 500% increase in Credible Fear cases is about right, but the numbers are only about one fifth of what you posit. In 2009 there were 5523 credible fear interviews and in 2013, even before the years was complete there were 22,775 credible fear interviews according to Department of...
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    No, credible fear is different. When someone arrives and does not have proper documents they can be sent back immediately without seeing an immigration judge - unless they say they are afraid to return. If they say they are afraid, the inspectors, or the border patrol agents if they are caught...
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    There was a Congressional hearing on abuse of credible fear just a little over a week ago. You can get info here: What you will find out is that credible fear claims have increased over 500% since 2007 and USCIS is in process of...
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    Is It possible??

    If they discover at the interview that you do not live in their jurisdiction they will cancel the interview and transfer you case to proper office. Depending on circumstances such a lie may hurt your credibility.
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    Help Urgent Question

    You will have to go to an application support center (ASC) to get the biometrics done. I suppose, if there is a an ASC near where you are you can call and ask them if you can have the biometrics there (it can't do any harm), otherwise you will have to call the ASC where you are scheduled and...
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    Found out some details about backlog

    I think the problem is that the asylum offices have more to do than just interview affirmative asylum applicants. They are also responsible for conducting credible fear interviews, to determine if those who are in expedited removal have a serious enough claim to go before an immigration judge...
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    For who was or still waiting for asylum decision more than 2 weeks

    Pretty much all Congressional offices have people on staff whose job it is to help people in their districts with immigration issues. You can call your Representative's local office, or either of your two Senators' offices and ask to speak someone who can help with an immigration problem and...
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    Found good resource about decision mailing, pick up rule

    Old INS did not require in-person service of decision until 1995, when asylum system was reformed. David Martin, an asylum scholar, wrote this about the change in how decisions were to be served: Beyond calling for more staff, the team that worked on what became the 1995 reforms went carefully...
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    Expert Opinion
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    Expert Opinion

    If you look on the USCIS website you will find the training materials that are used by asylum officers. There is a lesson on Evidence and they have a section on statements by experts. That will tell you what the asylum officer should be looking for in weighing the expert testimony.
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    Asylum General Questions

    If you decide it is safe to return to your country of persecution and voluntarily give up your asylum status, it should work in your favor if you apply for a nonimmigrant visa in the future. There is no greater proof that you are not an intending immigrant than the fact that you gave up...
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    Delayed interview and how long does EAD take

    Once 150 days have elapsed, if you have not been called in for an interview and you have not requested the delay, you can file your application for employment authorization. They will have to issue your EAD within 30 days of your application. You can find the instructions for the I-765 at...