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  • Hi,
    I have applied for waiving J1, 2 years residency based on no objection letter. Dos has sent favorable recommendation to Vermont USCIS center(VSC) on May,8, 2015 but I haven't received anything of this center. Yesterday I had interview about green card and the officer said I can file I-612 form but this form is not for no objection process. Please give me advice, I just have 87 days to submit proof. Thank you
    Hello Lucy I need some help right now and since you have been pretty good with assisting other people with their (us citizen marrying an out of status student questions), i thought maybe you could help me so please give me a quick message about the steps to take to help him out and how things will go smoothly.
    Hi lucyMo,

    I hope you can please help me.I came to USA on a J1 student visa ,got married to a GC holder( and applied for I130 which has been approved.Since then I've been waiting for my priority date to become available which it did in December 2009.So I've been out of status this whole time.I'm very confused about what I should do now.Am I eligible to file for AOS at this time?Or do I have to wait for my husband to get his citizenship(We are sending his N 400 this month)?And How should I describe my status on his N 400?Please ,I would really appreciate your input.thank you.
    Hi LucyMo,

    Please share your experiences if you were filling out AOS package forms (G325, I-130, I-131, I-485, I-765 etc.) for a husband/wife whose status is expired but currently in US and married USC. How to answer questions such as Type of Application and Current status? What photocopies to send along with the package to proof the status? Please advise. Thank you!
    Hello LucyMo, thnks for your input - its highly appreciated.
    I wanted to check with you on this... I intended to do AOS while my wife FTJ via CP, but have switched to CP so we can both be interviewed on the same day. I have done the documentation and wanted to make sure i wasn't forgetting anything. Regarding my marriage, we just got married on 08/08/08, and so I have filed Emails from 2002 till date, handwritten Letters, photos and cards we have exchanged till date. I am a F1 student here in the U.S doing my PhD in Electrical Engineering, my wife also just graduated from Dental School in Nigeria. We don't have that much money (at least for now) and so, my Elder sister will be sponsoring us both ( she is a Dentist also and very well off) - I got the following documents from her: 1. Tax returns 2. Evidence of Business Ownership 3. A copy of the deed to her house 4. A bank letter.

    All other documents (Educational, Birth Certificate, etc) required by the Consulate have already been filed.
    Is there anything you think I might be forgetting?

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