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    According to the federal regulations, the second interview should be conducted within 120 days after the initial interview. See 8 CFR 335.3(b): "[T]he reexamination on the continued case shall be scheduled within the 120-day period after the initial examination". I assume the nature of your case is 1447(b). Ask the USCIS/government attorney for explanation why they insist on the second interview in violation of the regulations. You have two options: 1) file a joint stipulation with AUSA (gov-t attorney) saying that USCIS is commited to adjudicate your case within 30 (or whatever number you want) days and asking court to held case in abeyance in the meantime; 2) ask court to schedule a hearing upon your application and naturalize you if court finds that you fulfilled all the requirements. Advance the argument that the second interview is illegal. If you go with 1), you need to include a sentence that you reserve the right to reopen the case if USCIS does not follow thru with its commitment.
    Read this opinion:
    Hi LazyCIS,

    I was advised by the registered user Rorpal to contact you for advice because of your knowledge in the USCIS matters.

    I have a case going on against the immigration to make a decision on my citizenship. Recently, they sent me a notice for a second CIVIC interview that I passed already about two years ago.

    Few days ago I received an email from one of them telling me that I have to drop the case if the immigration letter that I received is about an interview. Since I had that case to make them make a decision on my naturalization, and not just to call me for an interview what do you think I should do.

    I have a court date in two weeks and according to their email, they expect me to drop the case that day. But I did not reply to that email yet.

    So (legally), how should I handle this situation in the court room, and what is the position of the judge in the middle of this.

    Thank you very much
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