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    2005 Consolidated Tracker (140/EAD/AP/FP/485)

    "notice date" and "category change" Hello gurus, For the record = My application was received by BCIS in late Dec. in VT. Now, please help me with two questions: 1) Is approval date officially called the "notice date" ? 2) This company filed it in EB3 category. But I qualify for EB2...
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    H1 B - 7th yr - Labor rejection !

    After six years in US, I got a one year extension on my H1-B in August 2004, and my labor is still pending as of today (Nov 2004) If my Labor Application is rejected now, does that mean that my H1-B 7th-year extension is also invalidated ? Do I have to leave the US immediately ? Or can I keep...
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    Chicago Regional DOL Tracker - Old (Archived on 09/22/2004)

    How do you verify labor filing ? My labor was filed in August 2003, under RIR. My employer says he filed it. How can I be sure that he REALLY filed it ?