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    what after getting the Card? any stamping..

    Hi folks.. What we do after getting the Green card in hand? is there any other procedures subsequent to it?.. I was wondering when/what we need to do for stamping in the pass port etc?? are other procedures... any one who can explain the steps will be helpfu..
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    Permission to Leave US with GC

    From the phamlet that comes/accompany the Green card, I have seen usually GC holder can be outside of US for not more than 12 months continously.. That period of absense will not count towards citizenship process requirements (where one needs 5 yr of stay) If it's beyond 12 months, I think...
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    485 case approved processing times of Nebraska

    My oldest PD is 5/2002 in Eb2. But I asked for interfile with the recently approved i140s (pd 07 & 06) to apply the oldest PD which they did.
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    Priority date transfer

    PD transfer - key is INS see & ack your letter. Hi long.. It appears, you wrote/asked to port your earliest PD while it was not approved then ( feb08) now its recently approved, You probably guessed it right.. there is no time frame for these for CIS process. They won't ack if they got your...
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    485 case approved processing times of Nebraska

    My case was at Nebraska. Processing times:- - 485 filed - 07/03/07 - for self & 485 filed for Spouse - 08/03/07 at Texas. - Later wrote to Texas to connect the spouse file & send it to Nebraska under primary LIN no. Since no effect, opened service req to send the file & got an ack. -...
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    Processing time

    see if the below is helpful.. however while on phone, just be polite & see "if they can tell whether USCIS has been informed of your name check report". that will help determine who is telling lies.. more helpful info u may read FBI Fingerprint Status (304) 625-2000 FBI Name Check Status...
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    Application is EB3 and I thought it was EB2 how to check?

    Hey Kiranmm, to be precise you can tell if you look at your I-140 - under Notice type/Section box - - if it says Section 203 (b) (2) & says Mem of profession w/adv deg or excep ability THEN It is EB2 - if it says Section 203 (b) (3) (a) i or ii & says skilled worker/profession THEN its...
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    NSC Physical Card Tracker

    Details are below: Card Prod EMail recd - 4/07/09 Actual card Received 4/15/09 Welcome Notice EMail recd - 4/07/09 - Actual Postal mail recd 4/10/09 One more Card Prod EMail recd - 4/07 - for same case no's (don't know why) 485 Approval EMail recd - 4/10/09 - Actual Postal mail recd...
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    Recording available for April 23 conference call

    Hi Rajiv, Thanks for you help. I received my Green card week back but here is the background 1. Have 3 approved i140 ( two with current employer eb2 PD 05/10/07, eb3 PD 08/03/06) ( one with former employer eb2 PD 05/31/02) 2. Filed 485 with eb3 PD 8/03/06 approved i140 at that time of...
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    Green card - how does it look?

    what about same similar issue? agree.. after 180 days.. we could use ac21 to stay with current employer.. that case.. will they not check the same/similar job issue now or later down the line? b/c CIS have current employer i140's with them, they could quickly check to see if the job...
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    Green card - how does it look?

    GC - Linkages - how to correct it? Hey folks, The answers are little offtrack. We aren't discussing revocation or even possibility of it.. Simply put it.. how to tell which i140, the final 485 approval linked to? b/c it DOES matter.. we needed to know which employer to work for since two...
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    Green card - how does it look?

    Hey folks.. any of you who received actual GC card or seen a card can answer this Q. - does the Actual Green card mention the employer name, PD or job title? - I was inquring b/c my card prod ordered & 485 approved - not sure what i140 they were based/used for final approval? b/c I have had...
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    485 apprvd but how to tell which i140 CIS used?

    emplor name in Gcard? I don't think so.. employer name, PD, even job title won't appear in the Green card.. I heard from several peoples..
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    485 apprvd but how to tell which i140 CIS used?

    Hello Experts/Attornie's Pl help as I think am confused.. here is the facts that are relevant to Q. - have 3 approved i140's (two from current employrs) (one from former employr eb2 pd 5/02. this is the oldest pd) - recently approved i140 with current employer is eb2. we asked in app...
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    AC21 to W2 contract position

    ac21 to W2 Hi Ramlak, there isn't much info you provided. With given info, it looks like you have had this 140 approvd thru this "desiconsulting" co & filed 485 while working for this co. Now venturing to go to diff company to save the existing contract/your job, the new vendor should take...