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    Applying for citizenship but entered as asylee under false passport

    So I am finally putting in my N400 application and of course I hope it doesn't take a year to get adjudicated... In filling it out, I came across this question: have you ever lied to any US government officials to gain entry or admission in the united states I entered with a false passport...
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    Former Chinese citizens, did you give up your hukou?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but this seemed the more appropriate place to post this... My gf gave up her Chinese passport a few years ago when she became a Singapore citizen. Now she's in the US, and once I get my citizenship, sometime this year, I will sponsor her Green Card. She...
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    VISA Information for Countries

    This is unconfirmed but may be able to add some places in China to the list. Travelers going to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Guangdong can enter without a visa provided they have a ticket out to a third country. Max stay is 144 hrs and cannot travel out of the entry region. Many countries on...
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    Soon to be citizen, and married... filing for wife

    That's what I was thinking as well. As for the marriage itself, I'm thinking to do it after my interview. That way I eliminate unnecessary questions from the IO.
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    Soon to be citizen, and married... filing for wife

    I will apply for citizenship on March 7. My gf are planning to get married but we're a bit confused as to when to file for her GC. She's a Singapore citizen, born in China and currently in the US via F1 OPT, expiring in mid July. Per the terms of her OPT, post expiration she has 60 days to...
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    Traveling Outside the US As Asylee applicant ,Asylee,LPR through Asylum

    Stamp may be for 6 months but on a tourist visa you can stay up to 6 months, and not continuously. Max stay per stay should be 90 days. Essentially, you can enter twice, 90 days each time for a total of 180 days or as many times as you want, again for a max of 180 days. Going to...
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    what is the procedure after Asylum case aproval for green card and Citizenship?

    1 yr after asylym granted you can apply for GC. Timeline 6-8 months. Mine was nearly 6 4 yrs after GC granted you can apply for citizenship. Haven't done it yet... but trend seems to be the same as for GC.
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    The Refugee Travel Document Application

    Shyam, this is perfectly fine to do. Go ahead, submit both. Chances are you'll get the RTD before your GC and when you do travel and return, you can present the GC at the airport. RTD is good for getting visas for other countries since they can't stamp anything on your GC. My experience has been...
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    Traveling Outside the US As Asylee applicant ,Asylee,LPR through Asylum

    Dou I think you may need to speak with an immigration officer for this one. However, it seems standard procedure for pending cases to file for an Advanced Parole. however, it seems that you are NOT the asylum applicant. If you entered the US on the visa and are still within the visa time...
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    Anyone here applied and was approved for Global Entry?

    I had forgotten about this thread... Well my GE was approved, I have the card but I continue to have the issue with fingerprints. I went 3 times to the office in SFO, all 3 times fingerprints didn't go through. Somehow, they're unreadable by the machine. We tried this and that... no go at all...
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    Rentry Permit knowledge by CBP officers

    Last weekend I had a quick trip to Tijuana through San Ysidro border crossing. Just to be sure in case Mexican immigration was going to check me, I brought both GC and RP and of course there was no check from Mex immigration. Back to USA, there's 3 of us in the car. We hand our documents in a...
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    Can he face deportation or deny entry with DWI and Reckless driving offense?

    Exactly what your lawyer said. Don't go. Assuming the 4th is the court date, your brother would miss it, then a bench warrant will be issued, with a radius of search. If he flies back in the US through an airport within that radius he will be detained. He will be let in the US, but detained...
  13. K Get stuff you miss the most from your homeland

    It's a good idea. And though I concur with Britismon I have to say there are things that us immigrants want but cannot get here. That being said, there is something I want, so I joined and posted :) Let's see what happens.
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    VISA Information for Countries

    Yes. Same as flying from Denver to Chicago to Atlanta to Boston to DC. technically Frankfurt to Amsterdam is perfectly legal since neither country requires a visa for RTD.
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    VISA Information for Countries

    He flipped through the pages then suggested I should get the reentry permit. Then he stamped and I left.