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    Citizenship revoking

    I know a case where the guy (from bay area, owned lot of Indian restaurants and apt complexes) originally from India made boat loads of money and got caught up in human trafficking and underage prostitution. He finally cut a deal with US Govt (probably to protect his sons and other family...
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    Please guide N400 marriage in dispute

    I guess its a hindu marriage in India and it IS considered as a legal marriage even if you did not register. Moreover your estranged spouse already put your details on her visa app. So do not try to circumvent this info on your n-400. You are legally married so apply as married. As far as taxes...
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    Is a COC needed for CCA? And how does SS, USCIS, etc work together?

    Relax Southner. I wrote "may be" in there ... sure I have no clue about their app process. never applied and don't plan to anyways. I understand they can dig up anything they want on anyone ... As far as the French citizenship goes, I was simply re-collecting some other post where someone...
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    Is a COC needed for CCA? And how does SS, USCIS, etc work together?

    May be NSA, CIA, DoD ... just to make sure one didn't obtain the passport fraudulently. Also, here in USA there is a concept of "US National" ... I dont know the full details but the following wiki has the answer: Someone in the...
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    Is a COC needed for CCA? And how does SS, USCIS, etc work together?

    To the OP - I think you are wasting time and energy by discussing this topic over and over. If money is no object and you are of type "abundantly cautious" person, then go ahead and apply for it otherwise forget about it. Thats all. The law says passport is enough proof. But more and more...
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    Atlanta GA - N-400 Timeline

    Actually there is no passport agency location within TN. You will have to travel to one of the agency locations. Make an appointment and go there if you qualify.
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    Atlanta GA - N-400 Timeline

    You are wrong! There is a way to get same day passport if you make an appointment and appear in person at any passport agency in USA. But they do require you to have an immediate travel plan (within two weeks) with confirmed tickets. Check state dept website for more info. The unfortunate...
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    OCI - Houston Tracker

    a) one cashier's check or money order for all of you is OK. Also do NOT send $20 mailing fee now ... you can send that when you collect your oci. At that time, you can either send a self-addressed prepaid envelope OR the $20. b) Total four photographs for each person is OK. Each app gets two...
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    OCI - Washington DC Tracker

    I guess it depends on the person in-charge of oci at the respective consulate. Everyone I know who applied in Houston got the oci within a month. One of my friend got it within two weeks ... Houston rocks!! :)) I sympathize with the Washington and new york area people. They got the laziest...
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    Indian passport lost

    Go to the nearest consulate and apply in person ... if they cant give you a new passport in time, they maybe able to give an emergency travel document that will gain you entry into India. Once in India, you will have to go though the passport office to get a new passport.
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    OCI - Houston Tracker

    Congrats! Go to the consulate before 9:30am and tell them that you are from out of town ... they will give your oci within 5-10 min if the oci lady (I think her name is subhashini) is in good mood :) Good luck!
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    Atlanta GA - N-400 Timeline

    Same day oaths wow ... looks like there is a splurge of interviews coming up for Atlantans in this forum. Good luck to everyone. Just so you guys know ... the same day oath cut off time is 1PM (Monday thru Thursday ... no oath ceremonies on Friday). If you complete your interview by 1PM and...
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    Looking to work in USA, few questions

    I have to commend your resolve. Good Luck! The work visa is H1B. The eb2 you are talking about is for green card category which your future employer files for you ...
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    My Visa expired 10 days ago WHAT DO I DO NOW? NEED HELP PLZ

    Triple is being sarcastic. To answer your question, like al said you will be fine with US authorities. But the country you are in ... no body can answer that unless you tell what country it is. Every country's laws and rules are different.