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    OCI - San Francisco Tracker

    My Data Mailed by Express Mail: 09/20/2010 Delivered at consulate: 09/21/2010 Date of Acknowledgement: 10/31/2010 (Status available on website on 10/31/2010) Photo/Signature: Scanned on 10/31/2010 Registration Status: Granted on 10/31/2010 Documents Printing Status: NOT PRINTED Documents...
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    OCI - San Francisco Tracker

    My app was sent on Sep 20, received by CGISF on 21st Sep. It was acknowledged last night and registration was granted. I got frustrated as well and sent an email on friday to OCI cell to postpone my OCI app processing and to return my US Passports and it got ack'ed and granted surprisingly on...
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    Plastic Card Tracker

    Got my piece of plastic yesterday.. Intersting thing is that.. The online status says card mailed on june 7th, while the postal stamp on it is dated june 5th. On the plastic card, it says resident since 4/23/04..Not sure where they get this date from....Anyway, Its a nice piece of plastic :D
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    Plastic Card Tracker

    card mailed june 7
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    Plastic Card Tracker

    Card Ordered. On June 2, 2004, after approving your application, we ordered you a new card. Your card will be mailed to you as soon as it is ready.
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    Plastic Card Tracker

    Approved May 13th Stamped May 19th Waiting for the card.
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    Can I go to School?

    You can go to school part time while working full-time.
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    Is it dangerous to change address during the final severa months before approval?

    I changed my address 2 months ago and updated my address by sending AR-11 and calling BCIS. No Harm..
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    What does that mean on the website message?

    Hog, when was ur 485 approved, When did you go for stamping?
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    Recent WAC03/WAC02 RFE Tracker:Please upddate it

    Just as an FYI on my approval.
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    Passport stamping at San Jose

    I got it done today at SJ INS office. Went there abt 7:30 AM, stood in the appointment line. My token was called at 9:00 AM and I was out by 10:00 AM. Pretty much straight forward. They didnt ask me anything.. Handed over the Approval letter. I-94 2 Pics EAD, AP
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    WAC-02-091-5XXXX Approved 5/7; Stamped 5/17

    I got my Approval letter today and planning to go this wednesday. Do we need to surrender EAD and AP also? Do we need to take 2 photographs as they asked for?
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    Student OPT A# -- during 485 process ?

    You dont need to put that A# from OPT card, For question, I said yes and wrote the appropriate service center.
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    Passport Stamping at SJC and there on

    Guys, someone mentioned here about getting an infopass to get the Passport stamped. I noticed that we dont have infopass concept at SJ INS. Can someone, whoever got stamped at INS SJ, plz advice on this. What is the procedure, what documents need to be taken along with us, which documents...
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    Stamping at SFO - Experience Pls