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    Question about lay off on TN

    Do you have a house over there though?
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    Canadians applying for TN at US-MX border

    TN to GC :)I wanted to ask fire101 how long was it taken for your greencard process and did you ever applied for H1b? :confused:your answer is greatly appreciated...:D
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    Canadians applying for TN at US-MX border

    I went to loredo border twice and I remember they don't require an appoinment too
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    Denied TN-visa, employer decide to let me go

    Mann....I'd not loose hope or this happened at very first time at toronto airport but still I am in US .....just do your part of seeking some jobs,I know its hard in this tough economy but thats not impossible things,Now the thing is you can do it from Toronto too...and just keep your...
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    Td visa update

    First of all Thanks for your prompt reply nelsona..... 1) Did you send a copy of your June I-94 with the I-539 - Yes I did alongwith I-539 (in June Now, Do I have to send the copy of that same I-94 with some note or my third one which was again Issued at Mexico border in Nov-08 ? 2) There...
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    Td visa update

    Hi All, I am on my third TN Visa right now(Expires Nov-09) since last Nov.Here's my wife's situation, She's PR-CANADA having Indian PP and I filed I-539 for her when I got on my second TN @ Mexico border in last June,after 2 months of apply ,I have got I-797 for her TD-NI VISA(which is...
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    Period of Stay Provisions for TNs extended!

    I got a e mail copy of letter from my buddy 's attorny that on oct 16 they finally started on boarder for 3 yrs of TN and he's goin on mexican boarder next week so,I will keep you posted....
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    I-129 efilifng questions new employer

    Hay Webtiger, i am in a same situation. my contract (current)may end this or next week with client,I still have 8 months validity period and I am looking for new job in that case how much time I can stay ? also still waiting for wife's TD for this year to come back from USCIS so, little...
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    Wife with pending TD application while H4 got approved

    Yes,in my wife's TD case,:( I've been waiting since June'08 and still I did not get it.??? Now,what will happen if I wants to get my New TN this month with some other employer???:)
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    Passports for paperwork

    Hi everyone, I am going to send my first TN renewal in mail,should I have to sent my original copy of FIS evaluation and me and my spouse's original Passports alongwith other forms also how can I send application fees (I mean two diffrent checks for me and my wife???)how long is the premium...
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    Change in Employer during Valid VISA period

    Thanks a ton SIMSD,I appreciate your input ,What if my new employer filled out i-9 form and also checked e-varification on my employment status...should it be considered as illegal to work for the present co.? Can u pls, brief me about this ?If you don't mind can you pls.give yr e mail for...
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    Change in Employer during Valid VISA period

    Nelsona ! do u mean i-94 or i-9 ? if its i-9 then where can I find it ?:(
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    Just got Gc

    Congrats nelsona ! I'm a new member of this forum, How long did you wait and how many times did you renewed your TN before this gr8 moment ??? Tnx in advance.
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    Change in Employer during Valid VISA period

    So,guys ! What should I do if my original co.never offered me work after I finished taking special training thru' them in california(I think at that time they lost some contract);then when I went to pick my family from canada to US and then some other company offer me a job with appointment...
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    Change in Employer during Valid VISA period

    I am on TN Status,Should I inform INS for Change in Employer during Valid VISA period ???:)What if I am late in doing it ? Also, howlong before end of Validity period should I go for my visa renewal?