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  • Hello kcr,

    i came across your post on 'child born outisde US to LPR'. you mentioned that you got a document from US consulate in Delhi. can you please share this? also, i wanted to know if you had hired a lawyer or is the process pretty straight-forward? based on my understanding, here is what it sounds like:

    1) LPR has child abroad and get Birth certificate (in English) and apply for passport in local country (India in this case)
    2) Take Passport and BC to US Consulate to get a letter
    3) at POE, assuming child is less than 2 years and first trip back for LPR parent, child gets GC and entry is seamless
    4) child gets a GC at US address in few weeks

    is this correct? did you have to carry any additional picture of the child or pay any fees at POE or anywhere else? also, did you have to make an appointment with US Consulate to get the letter? and whats the process for that?

    thanks in advance
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