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    AC21 portability Scrum Master Supplement J

    My I-145 is pending from 2012 and also got I-140 approved around 2012. My position was filed as Computer Programmer/Software Engineer. Now if I take job of a Scrum Master (this is similar to a Project Manager) of a software development team, will this be considered as "same or similar" job or...
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    EAD automatic extension to 180 days

    I-140 EAD rule which is coming on Jan 17, 2017 also include a "EAD automatic extension of 180 days". This rule automatically extend the EAD for 180 days beyond the expiry date if the renewal is filed before expiry date. My question is if any one has filed for renewal before their expiry date and...
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    I-140 denied for abandonment-RFE response send to wrong service center

    Hi, I came to USA on July 2006 with H1B VISA. My current emplyer filed labor EB2 category with PD Oct 26, 2009. Labor got approved April 9, 2010. I-140 was filed under regular processing to TSC on June 17, 2010. My H1B VISA has been extneded to October 16, 2013 based on approved labor &...