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    Recording for February 20, 2020 Conference Call

    Dear Rajivji, Thank you for this excellent service. Thanks to all your help, me and my wife are now US Citizen. My wife wants to sponsor her sister for permanent residency. The problem is, neither my wife, nor her sister has a birth certificate. My wife used affidavits by her mother and...
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    Family immigration for sibling

    My wife is applying for immigrant visa for her sister. The application process says she need to submit her and her sister's birth certificate to prove that they are from same parent. The problem is, my wife do not have a birth certificate. During our green card process, we used...
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    Recording Available, April 26, 2018 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    Dear Rajiv-ji, I am completing my 5 year on GC in next couple of months and will be applying for Citizenship. My son (18+) has medically diagnosed developmental disability since birth. Had schooling in special school and now registered with State Disability Services for transition services...
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    Rajiv Khanna -- the best immigration Attorney

    I recently got my Green Card after 6 long years. During the process , I have interacted with multiple Attorneys either through forums/chats or direct consultation with my employers' Attorneys (I changed employment after filing 485). Though Rajiv was not my formal Attorney (my employer...
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    Recording available for Sept 11 Conference Call

    Job change during GC Dear Mr. Khanna Thank you much for your community service. This have been very helpful for me and I am sure many others. My EB2-India is now current and I am expecting my GC any time now. Meanwhile, I am close to getting a new job offer which falls under same or...
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    Recording available for July 1 Conference Call

    485 RFE -- Employment Verification Hello Mr Khanna I have changed job after 180 days of filing 485 (EB2 - 140 approved). Working as Full Time Employee in a good product company. I now have the standard RFE (for job letter) from TSC. The RFE says that the letter should include "the minimum...
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    RFE for 485 -- AC21

    I had to change job after filing 485 (EB2) and now have an RFE To submit Employment Letter. Among other things, they are also asking for Educational Requirements for the position. I have 3 year BAchelors + 3 Year Masters (MCA) with tonns of experience. the PERM listed requirement as...
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    Recording available for June 20 Conference Call

    RFE on 485 Dear Mr. Khanna My 485 was filed in January 2012 and I changed job in November 2012. Now I have got an RFE to submit an Employment Verification Letter from Current Employer. The RFE says , among other things, that the letter should include "the minimum educational or training...
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    Recording available for Sept 27 Conference Call

    Moonwalking on EAD Dear Mr. Khanna I have applied for 485 (EB2) and have my EAD. However, the company also applied for H1 extension and it is approved. I have got an offer to work as a part time (after work) faculty in an educational institute. My employer is fine with it...
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    Recording available for May 10 Conference Call

    Immigration law Hi Rajiv, I have a general question on immigration law. I have seen various artifacts in relation to immigration --- 1) Law (INA); 2) Regulation (CFR) ; 3) Memo (eg. Ayte's Memo, Cronin's Memo etc.); 4) Guidance letters .... there may be more. What is the legal...
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    Recording available for download for March 1 Conference Call

    Travel on AP Dear Mr. Khanna We have applied for EB - 485 in January 201 at TSC. 1) My spouse just received the EAD+AP Combo card. However, we never received any approval notice for EAD or AP. Is an approval notice required for travel or any other purpose ? 2) Online status...
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    Medical Test

    Thanks jackolantern for all your help. One additional question ---- For my first issue (child's Fragile X), to avoid all the hassles , shall I just visit another Civil Surgeon and not show him the Fragile X diagnosis . Unless the written diagnosis is there, no one can ever figure out...
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    Medical Test

    Yes, PD is current in Jan. I can complete all and send the packet to Attorney by 20th Jan . I think that is best. BTW, does anyone know what is the cost of serological test for Measles (Doc says only Measles test is fine --- for other two one shot is ok)
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    Medical Test

    Thanks for all the answers. I did get one shot of MMR -- not as a child but in 2006 (in India) but I am unable to find the record ... still searching. My wife did not have MMR ever. I am wonderign what is better --- 1) Take one shot and send Medical with incomplete MMR by first week...
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    Medical Test

    My child has mild autism and Fragile X diagnosis . She is at grade level with regular students but get speech therapy. When her PCP gave the vaccine report, the paper included all her history including Fragile X. The Civil Surgeon has now asked us to get a letter from PCP stating what is...