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    FGPEE Eligibility

    Make sure your diploma is not from a known diploma mill. That will automatically discourage potential employers.
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    Our company may be interested in hiring program developers from India. Our experience has been by far the best and most dedicated programmers we have hired.
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    US PharmD Degree but Foreign National

    Let us not forget that to enroll in any type of educational medical related institution in the USA, you must have proper background credentials.
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    FGPEE Eligibility

    So far, I have found your site to be very informative for those seeking residency in the USA. You must spend a lot of your precious time researching and writing.
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    Have you heard about BCS?

    Fast forward to 2014 and see that USCIS was caught dumping over 250,000 background checks. In other words, they charged the government millions for those background checks they never performed, dumped them and gave the US government an "all-clear" OK clearance for individuals to work in military...