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    GC Approved.. But

    Any inputs?
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    GC Approved.. But

    All, My GC is approved.My Name is spelt wrong.My name was spelt wrong in I-485 too. Though my lawyer tried to fix the issue but he was unsuccessful. Now that I got the GC card, whats the way to get this fixed.... Thanks Jitup
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    Its a sep 02 case
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    Finally approved.... WAC02-272-XXXXX. Wife still not approved.... Any one in the same boat??????
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    I-485 Rfe

    How many days does it take for CSC to receive RFE reply?
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    Project Ocean #16

    Now, I plan to move Project Ocean Fax/E-Mail campaigns to another forums such as VSC I-485 forum or CSC I-140 forum to get more participations than CSC I-485 forum. Before that, I'd like to listen to this forum's opinion because it might affect the I-485 processing at the CSC in future. For...
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    "Ocean" FAX Campaign #15 to 44 Congressional Members

    Good Job Kashmir. I really don't need to know any personal campaigns... I would really appreciate if you can keep this to you. ( probably vanish from
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    20 months processing time by FY2004 for I-485

    So the JIT take will be around 31-JAN-2003 on 31-OCT-04. So it should be move 7.5 months in 3.5 months. If this were true, then JIT will move one month at average for the next 7 reports. So different opinion?
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    Project Kashmir 2 Community Edition Phase 1

    This week we had lot of approvals
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    Miracles Do Happen!!! Approved!!!

    Miracles Do Happen!!! Buy why not me ? I dont want a miracle. I want them to work in an Order.
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    EAD Approvals Tracker

    EAD Approved WAC-02-123-XXXXX Yesterday (11-MAY-04 ). Just now got the email from USCIS
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    FP Expired

    My case is WAC-02-272-XXXXX My FP is expired. What can I do to get FP notice? Is there any use to call CIS? Any one is the same condition?
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    Project Kashmir #3

    Kashmir, Can you please sort by the color ?
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    Program for regular 485ers?

    Email Sent ......
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    Nominate Don Neufeld for Ombudsman's Annual Report to Congress

    Every one... Only 2 more people need to send ...