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    Stuck in Name Check??? Let's track it

    quick question so when can you say you are stuck in name check process?? In other words how long do I have to wait after I'm done with FP to consider myself stuck in name check, 3months/ 6months/ 1year ?????
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    NSC -> CSC -> NSC and no FP notice yet

    last week we received FP notice for my wife, I'm still waiting for my FP notice.
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    NSC -> CSC -> NSC and no FP notice yet

    WOW, looks like everyone got their FP notice except me :( that sounds scary
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    NSC -> CSC -> NSC and no FP notice yet

    I'm starting this thread to track the progress of NSC -> CSC -> NSC transfer cases who are waiting for FP. I'm a july 19th filer, recived EAD and AP for my self and my wife, haven't received FP yet. opened SR on 2nd Nov. anyone in the same boat?
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    FP Notice for July/August filer who got receipt from CSC

    same boat I'm also in same boat july19th filer, NSC -> CSC -> NSC got my EAD and AP. opened SR on 2nd of Nov, waiting for my FP.
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    Signed G-28, will the applicant receicve EAD??

    2007, Thanks for the info' wish you the best :)
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    Signed G-28, will the applicant receicve EAD??

    Thanks for the quick response. just wanted to make sure, my EAD application doesn't have my address. will I be still getting it ?? Thanks
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    Signed G-28, will the applicant receicve EAD??

    I signed G-28, and my EAD application states Attorneys address. who will receive the EAD card? I was under the impression that EAD and FP notice will be mailed to the applicant (me). When I spoke to an IO at Nebraska service center this morning he mentioned that my EAD is approved and it will...
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    Any receipts for july filers

    Wow! that was quick, I've sent my applications on 19th Of July. so I too should expect my notice any time soon :) also did you update your profile on ???
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    I-485 and arrest due to suspended license

    I my view you should answer YES, and provide proper documentation. also better consult an attorney before you file. you should be okay, the worst that could happen is you will be called for an interview. Good Luck :)
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    EB-2, 2005 PD GC Approvals

    check out this link Hope this helps :) Good Luck :)
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    Did you applied for 485 in July?

    Sent on 19th of July My AOS pacakge (I-485, EAD, AP) along with my wife's was sent on 19th July 07.
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    485 Receipt notice / FP notice

    I filed my 485 application through my company's attorney and I signed G-28 from, have couple of quick questions 1. will I be receiving receipt notice ? or will my attorney receive em'? 2. What about FP notice do I have to hear it through my attorney? 3. what about future correspondence...
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    isn't it time for Aug Visa bulletin???

    To begin with I said this is a RUMOR, but again from reliable sources, 1. from my companies Law firm "Fisher & Phillips" who most of the time are cautious about the information they put out to their clients. 2. statement from our Rajiv S.Khanna's office...
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    isn't it time for Aug Visa bulletin???

    Guys, isn't it time for Aug Visa bulletin??? Rumor mill says USCIS may accept AOS applications as per the initial July Visa bulletin? again who knows its USCIS, but most of the law firms recommend to be prepared (or even go-ahead and file) AOS applications for the rest of the month...