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    Recording for December 03, 2020 Conference Call With Rajiv S Khanna

    Will a Misdemeanor Conduct Obstruct the Application for a Tourist Visa for my Brother? I am a US Citizen . I had a small incident recently . Have a misdeamenor C , was recently arrested ,but not convicted & the case is supposed to end with all charges removed from (online,etc) . I have a elder...
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    Tourist Visa to OCI

    I am applying for OCI for myself at Houston .My wife has a Indian Tourist Visa. I have the following questions for you . 1) Can my wife convert Indian tourist visa to OCI . 2) If YES ,Can I apply for both the OCI Together. if so , how much will be the fees for OCI for 2...
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    Recording Available for July 27, 2017 Conference Call

    Questions Regarding Admission Withdrawn & Immigration Applications(I-751,N-400) Hi Rajiv Ji, Thanks for doing this Community Conference Call . 1)A friend of mine was once Allowed to withdraw H1B Application(i.e voluntarily) i.e inadmissible as per Section 212(a)(7)(a)(i)(i) followed by...
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    Questions Regarding I-751 filing

    Hi All, This forum is very useful and I want to thank all volunteers(members, moderators) who take their precious time to respond. My Marriage is joint filing ( i.e good faith, joint filling, no issues). I have Most of the Supporting documentation together ( Jointly held like Apartment lease...
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    Question Regarding Removal of Conditional GC

    Yep, for processing through F2A visas category, Filing of I-130 & the subsequent documentation , follow up , etc my Father-in-law pursued a Immgn Atty then 2 years back . In one of the DS 260 (US Travel form) , there is a similar Question .." Have you ever been refused a U.S. Visa, been...
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    Question Regarding Removal of Conditional GC

    I was denied admission on H1b & application withdrawn ( I -275, I-235 ,I-212 ) at the airport in 2013 In 2015 , I sucessfully attended Immigrant Interview in India & then entered USA on a Iam Conditional GC. As Iam now towards the end of the 2 year conditional GC Period , Iam filing for a...
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    Recording Available, May 18, 2017 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    Hi Rajiv Sir, Thanks for doing great community service. I have the following questions for you.. Getting paid on 1099 while collecting unemployment a) after the contract ends before the duration b) if they were fired
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    Recording Available, November 17, 2016 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    Hi Rajiv Ji, I filed I-130 6 years ago for my siblings after immediately becoming US Citizen in F4 Category(Immigration through Siblings Category). It was denied and I do not know the reasons for its denial. Recently I filed G639 & it got denied in its entirety pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552 (b) (6)...
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    Recording Available, October 20, 2016 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    Hi Rajiv Ji, My Sibling had filed for a I-130 Application immediately after she became a US Citizen After that I got married to a US Citizen & now in USA on a Conditional Green card. I recently lost job . I had used Government sponsored Medicaid(for pregnant women) for her delivery & have a...
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    July 23, Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna, Recording Available

    Hi Rajiv Ji, My name is Sameer . I have my CR-1 Visa Interview at Mumbai ,India on 14th August 2015. I was in USA for 7 years before I had the Admission Withdrawn in Sept , 2013. I have the following questions for you 1) Can NVC change the Interview Location from Mumbai to New delhi at this...
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    Recording available for Feb 20 Conference Call

    Green Card through Spouse(F2A) Hi Rajiv, Iam an Indian national married to a Green card holder and my I-130 has been recently approved. May I know the next steps in my immigration process . Can I do the Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) now .Once the dates are current , What will...
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    Recording available for July 18 Conference Call

    Questions Regarding Green Card through F2A Category Hi Rajiv, The dates for family based immigration Category(F2A) are current for the month of Aug 2013. It is predicted to be current till Oct 2013. My fiance is a Green card holder and is currently in USA .I was in USA from Jan 05 till May...