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    July'05 - Plastic Card Tracker

    Passport stamped on 07/14/2005 at Manchester, NH. FYI, I didn't have an INFOPASS appointment, and Machester branch office accepts walk-in. For people in Boston area, it is very convenient and the staff there are very friendly. I arrived there about 10:30AM and only waited for less than 30...
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    passport stamping this month for EB3 approvals

    My case was approved on 6/30, and I did passport stamp on 7/14 without any problem.
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    Anybody approved in last 2 days

    My case was approved yesterday. See details below :)
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    VSC I-485 RFE Sent and waiting for response TRACKER

    Just received approval emails for my spouse's case too. :) This is the best gift for the coming july 4th! :p
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    VSC I-485 RFE Sent and waiting for response TRACKER

    Hi VA_CH, The fax was sent to (802)527-4816. I used a template found in this forum. For your convenience I attached it below: ============================================== To: USCIS Vermont Service Center Attention: Expedite Request 75 Lower Welden Street St. Albans, VT 05479-0001...
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    VSC I-485 RFE Sent and waiting for response TRACKER

    Just found the magic approval email from VSC in my inbox!!! :D This case has been approved. On June 30, 2005, an approval notice was mailed.... The email was sent at 20:15 :) I sent a fax of expidite request to VSC on Monday, but I already gave up hope of being approved before...
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    March 2003 485 Still Pending - Any one in same status ?

    Still waiting... :( See my details below.
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    Where can I find Priority Date for EB3 category?

    Priority Date is the date that you filed your LC. The visa number availability for EB3 category can be found at:
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    VSC I-485 RFE Sent and waiting for response TRACKER

    See my details below. LUD changed on 06/24, 06/27 after VSC received my RFE response.
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    Visa Numbers Unavailable

    I filed inquiry through my congressman's office in early May right after my PD became current, and the following are VSC's reply: The case was put on visa hold but should not be any longer. I am pulling the files to have them sent to the adjudications area for processing. From this, I...
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    PD in 2002?
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    JBee Approved

    Congrats! What's your PD?
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    On rupnet, a retrogression affected case was approved

    Saw this case on rupnet, and seems not a fake case :) Any comment? Pat LIN-03-107-xxxxx PD 03/01/2002 RD 02/06/2003 ND 03/06/2003 AD 01/18/2005 IND-MI-EB3...
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    Please Shed some light on FP

    Same here. I-485 ND 3/31/2003. My attorney initiated two inqueries regarding my first FP, but no replies from VSC yet. :mad:
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    backlog petition to congresspersons

    Please count me in. Details are in my signature.