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    Job Search for Immigrant skilled workers

    Hi Rajiw. That is right. Well, the best way to me, actually may not be the best way to everyone, would be to build a system's search database with headhunters. more specifically, these headhunters are intended to seek abroad skilled workers resumes. In the second moment, once a database got a...
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    :) What is the recommended visa to an immigrant IT Specialist?

    Hi to everyone, hope you are doing well. I could reach you because was doing my researches regarding immigrant skilled worker around the world, once I was born in Brazil and, hehe, I am not actually intended to get marriage for stuff facilities. My sister got married in Los Angeles 2 years...
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    Job Search for Immigrant skilled workers

    I would like to see in this site more job offers or Head Hunters for Immigrants that are skilled worked or qualified to a specific visa to US.
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    Question about I-140

    Does I-140 allows to work and live legally in US territory?
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    American online data entry jobs opportunity. (Pro-330025)

    It would be pretty good to have an immigrant job search