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    Purchase Real Estate while AOS

    Hello Rajivji I cannot express my gratitude enough for your service to the community. May God Bless you! I have a unique question perhaps. I filed for my I-485 in a while ago waiting for approval (PD Nov2009) I have an opportunity to buy some good land for future construction. When I applied...
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    Different mailing address for I131 and I765

    Esteemed Mr.Rajiv Khanna and attorneys. Thank you all for your valuable service. i wish you all good health and divine protection I need to file my I131 and I765 based on pending AOS (EB2). When I check on USCIS site, the filing addresses for I131 and I765 seem to be different...
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    Changing job while I-485 final processing is underway

    Hi, I am working with employer A at a client site in Client B. My I-485 came up for processing and I am submitted my docs for Supp-J, medical and so on. While waiting for the approval, my client B wants me to join as FTE since contract is ending. My I-485 was filed in 2012. I have my EAD. I am...
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    DOB error on AP receipt

    Dear Sir, I recently file for an AP renewal. I received the receipt that from USCIS. When I examined it, I found that the DOB on the AP receipt was printed wrong. I filled it correctly in my application based on copies I saved. However the EAD receipt, filed at the same time, has the correct...