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    Have GC, Without Job, Can I travel back and fourth

    So, what you saying is one can't claim unemployment benefits while in India? Let's say a person was out of job and applied for UB and left for India trip 2 months. Is that person is eligible to do so?
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    Canada Visit

    I thank you all for your responses.
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    Canada Visit

    Hi All, We are planning to visit Canada sometime next month. We have a US LPR (since 2007) and my daugher is US Citizen. I have Canada PR, which i got in July 2004 prior to US LPR and my Canada PR got expired last month. So, my question is 1) Can i travel on US LPR now? While entering...
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    Anyone stayed > 6 months and returned without REP

    But question is would it jeopardize his/her citizenship in future?
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    harrasing some GC holders at POE

    Here you go! This is a good information on Global Entry.
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    Returning to India

    I understand, the purpose of obtaining the GC was to make US as my home. We decided to stay in US then. However, my wife wants to make it a return to India, so we are now toying with this idea. Decisions could be changed with the time for the welfare of the family.
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    Returning to India

    Thanks cafeconleche for your suggestion. I am thinking on same lines.....could stay for another 3 yrs for becoming US Citizenship.
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    Returning to India

    Gurus, What would be best thing if returning to India by keeping the status secured in US? I got GC 2 yrs back. Now, we are thinking of going back to India afer 2 yrs or so. Or is it better do that after becoming US citizen? What are the pros and cons if returning to India on GC and US...
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    H1B and 2 jobs?

    He might have used the EAD advantage for Y company and continue to work for X company on H1B.
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    B1 Visa on existing H1 -Urgent Reply Pls

    Yes, shouldn't have any impact on H1. So, you should be fine with your H1B visa.
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    H1B and 2 jobs?

    Hi All, One of my friend has been working for X company on H1B and got a EAD (both I-140 and I485 pending) as well but is working on H1B. However, his vendor Y company provided the some conveyance money towards his travel. But he was not having the H1B for Y company. He received the W2...
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    I-485 approval in june 2008

    Congrats man. What....your case transferred on June 2008 to Nebraska? Fast approval man? Are you from retrogressed country? What was your RFE?
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    Thank you Jack for your response. I certainly appreciate it.