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    AOS Interview Timeline

    AOS Timeline I-360 Approved 090606 :) LPR Change of Status to USC APR07 :cool: Chicago Lock Box-Express Mail AOS I-485 sent 041107 (UPS) AOS I-485 Recevied 041207 NOA Receipt Pending NOA FP Pending RFE's (?) :rolleyes: NOA Notice of Approval .....:D Does anyone knows what...
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    Questions Closed for Conference Call on Thursday, March 22, 07

    Priority from LPR to USC My I-360 was approved under an LPR relation. Now he is getting his citizenship: Can my priority date for adjustment change because of his status changed even though there is no relationship right now? I-360 approved EAD approved Priority date: 13JAN2006...
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    Priority from LPR to Citizenship.. will apply for me?

    i hope someone can answer this question.. even though i might know the answer but is worth a try to see if someone know something ... i ave an approved I-360 and work permit and currently waiting on my priority date (ja.. naother 100 years!!) anyways... when i filed i was married to my abusive...