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    when can i apply for citizenship?

    ... if you read further in the forums, its advisable to wait another week (5 yrs -83 days) before signing your N400. Sometimes the application gets denied due to a date calculation error at USCIS - but if you want to contest that error, it'll cost you almost as much as a new N400.
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    Question about cancelling Indian passport

    Ignore the letter for $290. Send in the Surrender Certificate form with $20 (+$20 for mailing) and in a few weeks you'll get the passport back with the Surrender Certificate. Having said that, the only time you'll need the Surrender Cert/Canceled passport is if you are going to use to to get an...
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    San Francisco OCI and US Passport

    I agree. However, my question was whether I could hold on to my US Passport until OCI approval Via CGI SF. (although I see how I muddled the issue in my original post)
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    Merging OCI and PIO into a single facility

    sanjoseaug20, I went to that link and didn't find anything regarding the new OCI/PIO single facility. :)
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    Merging OCI and PIO into a single facility

    The devil's in the details. We have to wait for the requirements for the new 'single facility' (gosh, GoI really needs to use language one can understand. WTH is a 'Single Facility')
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    San Francisco OCI and US Passport

    I'm getting ready to submit my OCI form to CGI San francisco and wanted to know if I could hold onto my US passport until such time as the application was approved. My main concern is that with the OCI/POI merge, if the OCI process ground to a halt for several months, I don't want to be stuck...
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    OCI Application form printing with header and footer text...

    This is a setting in your browser. Go to File|Page Setup and click on the 'Margins and Header/Footer' tab. Clear out the values in the header/footer section and those items will go away the next time you print.
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    Color or Black-and-White photocopies?

    Making color copies of the NC is fine. USCIS told us this at the Naturalization Ceremony. "First thing you do after you sign your naturalization certificate is to make a copy of it and store it separate from the original" But, if you don't have access to free color copies, B/W will do
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    Signature on picture on Naturalization Cert

    Just sign your Naturalization Certificate the way you would sign any legal document.
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    Should I delay my interview OR cancel my international traveling schedule for an interview??

    If you aren't desperate to get the citizenship (like needing to bring immediate family over ASAP; Need Citizenship for job etc) , by all means ask for a reschedule and save the $1000. USCIS will usually push the interview back between 1-3 months (you can't really ask for a specific date...
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    Second Time trying N-400..Please help

    I guess we have to assume that his current marriage is OK. If it is not, then that's a whole different story.
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    Second Time trying N-400..Please help

    Guys, Am i missing something here... OP is married to a USC since 2004. I understand that he may have had to wait 5 yrs as USCIS questioned GMC, but shouldn't his next application be based on marriage to a USC?
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    Prolonged absence : Will i be approved for citizenship or shuld i save $665.00

    What's (not) done is done... OP has to try to make the bet of their situation and that is to file all the back tax returns (and pay any taxes/penalties). I agree that OP should not even attempt to do this themselves as they have to figure out the details of the tax treaty in effect for each...
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    apply for US citizenship

    You have to be at least 18 to apply for citizenship so kid doing this directly is out.
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    Irving (DFW) office experience and decision cannot be made

    Call USCIS and request that your Oath be pulled up. You can't just show up for the Oath as they have to make sure that your Naturalization certificate is at the place of the oath Ceremony. Besides, if you miss work on Monday, I think the client will understand... :)