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    A warrant was issued for false statement at DMV.FELONY

    Checking a citizen box could just be an oversight, it really should not be much of deal. On the brighter side, you got your extension of GC.
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    is my marriage legal?

    Wrong forum to ask these questions. You told the US Govt that you got married to a certain girl and they believed you. Now you quesiton the same thing? This would mean you lied on the affidavit when you filed for her greencard.
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    Please Help....DUI + 8 Speeding Tickets in past 11 year

    Congrats. 8 speeding tickets? Wow man ....!! Slowdown. I got a few but "all" of them were unintentional. I never got a ticket when I intentionally went fast.
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    Operated while Impaired with Liquor

    Generally, if this is the only incident, it sould be ok as it was 6 years back. Posting more details would help.
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    DUI and N-400 Questions

    DUI/DWI is a criminal offence in all 50 States. Don't waste any time on this anymore. You should answer Yes for all the three questions. CIMT is something like Crime of Moral Turpitude. Which means you are delibrately/knowingly commiting a crime. First time DUI may not qualifiy as a CIMT...
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    Traffic tickets and naturalization (threads merged)

    Just getting on-board for tracking (NJ)
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    Sep 2012 / N 400 Tracker

    Posting on this forum after 5 years.
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    Done .. Finally !! :) :)

    Recovery Saras, Congrats!! I guess now you enter "recovery" period. You will be full treated of what I would like to call as AIDS (acquired immigration deficiency syndrome) once you stop coming to this forum. :) Enjoy!!
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    AC21 filed - Sick with this system

    Sick? Wow!! You should be glad that AC21 lets you change the job in the first place. I have my own complaints and there is lot of mess out there, but USCIS is generally a well run organization. Over past 10 years, they have improved a lot.
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    New CIR bill is a disaster for EB aspirants, take action now ...

    Frankly, this new CIR bill is nothing but restoration of common sense and rational thinking. People like Bill Gates and Nobel Winners will always find a way to get into US. For truly talented, in a flat world like today's, borders are meaning less. Even if US closes doors for brightest...
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    New CIR bill is a disaster for EB aspirants, take action now ...

    I personally know two EB1 based GC holders who have ordinary degrees but manipulated the system enough. These guys are "multi-national managers".
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    I485 approved and AC21 issues

    Unfortulately, your GC sponsor can do it. All it takes from their side is to send a letter to USCIS
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    What will you do after you get your GC

    Used AC21 to join a different employer. I sent in AC21 papers immediately after joining. My previous company revoked I-140. VSC, missed 2 steps, first make a note of AC21 papers, second issue a NOID before denying 485. I filed for motion to reopen, case got reopened. Then I was stuck, first...
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    What will you do after you get your GC

    Oh definitely. My case had all ingredients, even a 485 denial. I can say, after getting GC, it took 4 months to RECOVER. The fear of loosing status was still hanging even after 2 months.
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    What will you do after you get your GC

    In all probablity, you will do nothing. Just get back to work next day. I've had mine approved almost 5.5 months back, with responsibilities of having a kid, my life did not change even a little bit. Something, when things like GC come late in life, it is really late to do anything.