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    Self help - J1 waiver process

    Let history one day read ARIZONA was here -
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    NIW for Physicians - Steps to do it yourself.

    Consider the Arizona Immigration Law that may spread like wild fire to other states. Review brief history.
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    European Union Forum?

    Guess this Arizona Immigration Law is different for anyone coming for europe, right? Think again!
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    Indian visa after us citizen

    Good luck getting a passport or visa when this is what they think about you.
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    I am no Terrorist, any advice?

    Consider this a must read! Give your feedback on the article.
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    “Writ of Mandamus” !!! Suing USCIS Successfully..........

    Arizona Law infuriates citizens and other parts of the globe.
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    DV 2010 winner from Indonesia please join here =)

    what if anti-immigration kept you from entering America - give your opinion
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    DV 2009 Lucky winners from Nigeria

    Enter your Opinion On Anti Immigration Law
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    Right & Benefit As A US Green Card Holder
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    Dv 2009 - Aos Only
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    New CSPA case is filed
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    New amendment to CSPA and Compassionate visa

    i want more information on this.
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    Court case QUESTIONS here please

    ditto. thx for sharing
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    Ex-Pats Site: IMPORTANT - Please Read & Support

    need more info
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    Out of status student married U.S. Citizen and applying for a GC

    Ok still reeading on it. found other links.