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    Mission Accomplished

    Yes, it was approved from TSC. I too lost hope after seeing no activity since april 1st. All the best.
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    Mission Accomplished

    GC approved today. feeling great today ( Nine years with same employer). Thanks
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    RFE received today - AC21 help !!

    More details Please provide more info so that members can help.
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    Why USCIS is approving cases with RD 2007?

    No logic .... We get different views/Opinions on how a particular case gets processed. So far the pattern seems to be random. I filed my 485 in July 2006 and have been waiting since then whereas cases filed in 2007 gets approved. Also i noticed 485 RD of 2005 cases are waiting for approval...
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    Not seeing EB2 approvals any more..

    There have been few approvals reported on trackitt, murthy forum since april 1st 2008.
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    No Activity?

    I think Visa numbers are not available
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    "Document mailed" two weeks after approval?

    It could be finger print notice It could be finger print notice
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    Green Today

    did you go for finger printing before approval? Just wanted to know if uscis reused your finger printing thanks
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    spoke to TSC today (new twist)

    did anyone try to reach TSC today TSC has a new message that says "We are unable to take you call... Please call tomorrow between 8 and 5" Did anyone try to reach TSC today?
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    spoke to TSC today (new twist)

    Approval reported today (eb3) There was an approval message posted for an eb3 case. Just wondering about RD concept we have been discussing so far. Does TSC go by RD or random?
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    spoke to TSC today (new twist)

    any other suggestions apart from opening SR?
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    spoke to TSC today (new twist)

    Yes... my observations are based on TSC... They are totally unpredictable... Nervertheless it is a waiting game...
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    spoke to TSC today (new twist)

    For IO's the number matters.... in short... they pickup cases irrespective of PD/RD and try to complete asap. That is the reason you see lots of approvals with RD of June 07 onwards....
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    spoke to TSC today (new twist)

    what should i do now? I guess i am on the wrong side of the fence this time... When flood of approvals happened in Oct/Nov 07, my name check was not cleared.... but now with the new memo... i am unlucky again....