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    Is Infopass needed for PP stamping at Newark, NJ?

    I did not take an appointment. Went yesterday - reached around 7:15AM and was done by 11:30AM. I don't think its worth going at 6AM and standing in cold for 2 hours.
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    Unimpressive I-551 Stamp

    I got my passport stamped at Newark today. It was a smooth going but when I saw the stamp I was a bit disappointed. The stamp does not even say 'USCIS' or even 'United States'. It just says that its temp evidence of legal permanent residence - BUT in which country? It does not say!!!! I was a...
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    Questions for PP Stamping at Newark

    Hi, I need to go to Newark USCIS for PP stamping. Had a couple of questions. Will appreciate if someone with similar experience can answer: 1. Do I need to take InfoPass appointment or can I just walk-in on a Wednesday? 2. Can I just take the 485 approval "courtesy" copy or do I need the...
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    Spouse gets RFE after Principal Approval

    I am in the same boat. I got approved on 10/6 but my wife's case has not been approved. We have not even rec'd an RFE. She did not get her TB test done. I am sure that's the reason they have not approved it. Now the problem is that we will be leaving for India shortly and I am concerned that...
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    Documents required for PP stamping

    Hi, I will be going to Newark office for PP stamping. Have a couple of questions: 1. What documents are required? Do I need to take original I-140? It is with my lawyer! 2. Do I need to take InfoPass appointment? Thanks
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    Approved: RD Sep 22, 2002

    Well, he is in India and does not have e-mail. Nor does he practice it as a profession - and I guess that's why his predictions have some truth. I don't believe in money-minting astrologers!
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    Spouse gets RFE after Principal Approval

    My 485 got approved two days ago. However, my wife's case shows LUD changed but the msg still says 'results of FP1' rec'd. She did not get her TB test done as she was nursing our 2 month old baby at that time. Do you think she may be getting an RFE even though I am approved?
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    Approved: RD Sep 22, 2002

    Actually my wife's LUD changed first - two times on 10/05 and 10/06. I thought it was for an RFE - her message did not change - the same first FP rec'd msg. Then all of a sudden my LUD changed also on 10/06 afternoon and showed the approval message. Interestingly an astrologer friend of mine...
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    Approved: RD Sep 22, 2002

    Finally.......... by the mercy of my Divine Spiritual Master, Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja, my I-1485 has been approved. I still cannot believe it but yes, I got an e-mail two days ago saying that I-485 is approved. However, the message for my wife has not changed. Even though...
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    AP question

    I don't think you can use an AP that is already stamped. Its better that she postpones her visit until after your interview.
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    09/02 case approved today

    Question Congrats! Did your LUD change before you got the approval e-mail? I also did my FP2 on 9/9 and think the 3rd EAD application triggered it. However, my 3rd EAD has been approved. No I-485 approval so far!!
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    How helpful is Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. Office

    I went to the New Brunswick office also. I went their personally. I got a letter in mail after two days from his office stating that they have forwarded the inquiry to INS. And again, after two days I got the reply stating that INS is currently processing Apr 2002 cases.
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    How helpful is Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. Office

    The staff was nice. However, the response that they got back from USCIS was standard - we are processing cases of xxx date and will take zz months to get to your case. The lady there had told me that these days USCIS is not giving very specific info. However, I feel contacting them did help as I...
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    How to get FP status from FBI?

    Thanks. Do they give you the info. on the phone or e-mail/fax it to you later. How much time after the FP should I call them?
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    How to get FP status from FBI?

    I called FBI at (304) 625 5590 to get FP status. After getting to the option for status check of FP, the message said that I should contact the agency that took the FP or ask them to contact FBI for the results. Can we get the FP status from FBI? If yes, how? My FP2 was done recently but the...