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    Card processing ordered

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    TSC Consolidated 485 Tracker

    Hi Guys, Whoever is waiting for GC, all i can say is Have Patience. My GC Journey is finally over after 6 yrs of wait (sticked to same employer). For my wife, they sent RFE and hopefully she wud be approved soon. USCIS took 2 yrs each for LC,I140 and I485. My suggestion is to contact...
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    LUD on Approved I-140

    I got LUD on approved I140. My NC was recently cleared. Expecting an I485 approval soon ?
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    wow...485 approved today 10/3

    Hi Sree, My question is , did you contact anyone after NC is cleared ? Or just sit back and waited for approval ? Guys, if you wanna know an Old Timer, it is me. Though not proud of it, but did not lose hope yet. Pray for me. :) Cheers
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    wow...485 approved today 10/3

    ZOONI, I did not send any letter to FBI directly. I started sending letters to Presi, FL, Senators around May 15th 2007. Got a reply from FBI in response to my letter to Presi. The letter said it is being reviewed. Then my congressman keep put and inquiry with FBI to check the NC status...
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    wow...485 approved today 10/3

    Congrats Sree... My Name Check got CLEARED as of Sept. 27th. Congressman's office called me and told that FBI had responded back to them that they have finalized the name check and sent it back to USCIS on Sept. 27th. Looking at your case Sree, i think i should be close to approval now. I...
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    I-485 Approved on 09/17/2007!

    Congrats Rirla !!! I am in the same boat... came to usa in 2000... did u contact anyone for NC ?
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    Infopass on 8/30/07: Name Check Cleared

    Me too got a similar response from FBI saying in process... as of 07/02/07. got LUD on 07/02 and 07/03... I hope myNC is clear by now.. However, in response to my SR i got a reply from USCIS around mid-July that additional review is going on... Now i am not sure what stage my I485 is !!! Any...
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    No Activity at TSC ?? It is Silent.. and Scary

    take my case of example... 2 yrs for LC approval, 2 yrs for i140 approval.. now i485 is over 2 yrs... on top of it they issued 2 RFEs on my i140... which got approved in 2005... in 2006 i noticed they approved my i140 as EB3 where as labor was on EB2... asked for correction, they sent another...
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    online status change

    same message for me as well. Anyone having any clue ?
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    Local Office Approval - Still no green card

    Hi Mercy1, How did you know that your case is transferred to LA office ? Did your Status message change to " The I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS was transferred and is now pending standard processing at a USCIS office." Few days back i notices my I485...
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    I am Rotting !!! need ur prayers & support

    Look at my signature... I agree that it is a lot of turture... But i guess this is fact of life... I used to be the one who always smile and give suggestions to friends to have a life and with lots of +ve attitude... These days i think i am losing some of those +ve attitude and losing...
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    On line status changed. Don't know what it means.

    i think it is a system glitch as the TSC says... However, you better let your attny call them...
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    FBI Namecheck Reply for the FL letter

    sMuthu, your case looks similar to my case (see the sig). I got a reply from FBI dated 2nd July 2007 in response to my letter to Presi in May 2007... It basically says "In Process and will respond back to USCIS as quick as possible"... So far everytime i call TSC they say my NC is still...
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    On line status changed. Don't know what it means.

    Same here.. On Aug 2nd the status says "Document returned as UnDeliverable". On Aug 3rd the status says "Documented Mailed on 2nd Aug". TSC rep says to ignore this message as it is a system glitch and also said my i485 is still pending because of NC is not cleared yet... --- Not sure what...