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    US Address when abroad for over 6 months

    I am facing the same dilemma as I am renting also, and planning to go aboard for 4 months. And the landlord said that there is no guaranty apartment will be available when I come back. And as you said, paying 4 months advance rent is costly as I could use that money for my traveling. So also...
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    Naturalization & IRS penalty

    Technically, answer to that question would be "No" since you did file 2015 taxes. You just forgot to include the profit from the stocks. I had the similar situation where I owed money and penalty to IRS. Took care of it before filing my N400 and there was no issue during processing and...
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    Naturalization and taxes

    If you only owe money to IRS for just one year (as oppose to being a habitat tax dodger), I don't think it will effect your citizenship process. We are all humans and make mistakes. But you have to address IRS issue immediately as USCIS takes taxes very seriously. Best way to do this is to go...
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    N-400 processing

    About three weeks as it took that long for mine to arrive.
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    New Travel Ban

    Its mixture of both, with good measure of bigotry thrown in.
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    Can Trump bar citizen from entering US?

    Its official. Today Trump singed the above Executive order, and suspension is extended from 30 days to 90. And complete suspension of Syrian refugees for an indefinite period. Thanks god got my citizenship couple of years ago, so don't have to go thru all the mess immigrants (especially from...
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    Can Trump bar citizen from entering US?

    Thanks ananga. That's reassuring. Don't still know what to expect from our new president as he seem to be shooting from the hip. You are right...sorry my bad. That was the draft of executive order that was put out Wednesday. He is expected to sign it though.
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    Can Trump bar citizen from entering US?

    Trump just singed a new Executive Order barring nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering US with a visa for 30 days. And may become permanent afterward. So my hypothetical question is does Trump have authority to bar dual national US citizens (from one of above...
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    U.S. Customs and Border Protection now asks foreign travelers for their social media accounts

    This is one of reason I don't have any social media (Facebook, Twitter,Youtube) accounts. I like my private life to stay private :) From Politico web site: Since US start doing this, I guess other countries will follow and ask for foreigner visitors social media accounts.
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    Green card expiring February 2017 - is it too late to apply for Citizenship now?

    I don't think interview officer will raise any issues regarding her expiring/expired green card. So would go head and apply for her citizenship. She probably will have her citizenship paper in march or April (mine was under 5 months).
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    Do I need lawyer?

    As long as the marriage is bona fide (they will definitely check on that), and he have a clean record and paid taxes on his earnings, I don't think any lawyers are needed.
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    Apply for Citizenship with expired Green Card?

    If you call the 800 help number, they will always tell you that green card must not be expired when filing for citizenship. But going by the law, your wife is still a legal permanent resident (even with expired GR), so there should be no problem applying for citizenship with expired GR. As...
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    Passport photo too dark??

    I agree. There is no guarantee that new passport photo will look better. I would definitely take passport to agent who processed your passport application, and shw them the photo to see what they say about it. If photo is too dark to point of bring unusable, the agent can call the passport...
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    Waiting for Oath after interview in Fairfax, VA 2016

    I would say on average, the wait is about 2 to 3 months if oath ceremony will be done in court in front of a judge (judiciary). I live about 3 hours from Memphis (no USCIS office in my town) and my interview was on June 30th of last year in Memphis. After one week, they send me an oath...
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    Passport photo too dark??

    I think all US passports have embedded digital chip that contain encrypted photo and bio of passport holder. So customs probably run that info thru for electronic verification even before looking at passport. Passport agent at post office told me that when a US citizen leave from US ports, they...