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  • Hi EricS,

    I request you guys to help me.

    I just posted my story here: http://forums.immigration.com/showthread.php?p=2059508#post2059508

    For your reference it is pasted here too:

    I just saw an email from UCSI, my I140 is denied. Will have to wait to see what employer gets in the actual letter.

    My case:
    Labor applied in NC via Traditional Labor /EB3 in 12/2002 [PD].
    Labor approved in 12/2007 [EB2].
    I140 Submitted in 12/2007 in TSC [EB2].
    I140 No LUD, no RFE, just denial letter sent 6/12/2009.
    I485 not filed since Concurrent wasn't available at my time.

    When labor was applied i had 8years of experience in 2002.

    So i am still speculating what the reason for denial might be.

    Another Q:
    My H1 was recently extended for 3 years, so is valid till 2012. But since I140 is denied, do i have time or do i have to go back in 10 days?

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