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    Dependants' Soft LUD on Sunday

    Gurus, I've seen soft updates on the cases of my wife and child. My case didn't have any change. Also, for them there is no change in the content. The updated date shows 1/3/2010, which is a Sunday. How would this happen? Might there be any mass update of cases as it happened a couple of years...
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    Card production ordered

    Thank you seeklabor, I will do that. In fact, all other formalities are complete long ago and all FPs are current too. I also took Info Pass quite a few times, every time they say that they are sending mails to USCIS, nothing happened. This time I'll try a bit harder. Have a nice time.
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    Card production ordered

    Congratulations Friends! I've been seeing your posts and some of us exchanged some messages too. Good to see all of your approvals. I hope I'll also get my GC soon. Has been a very long wait. Enjoy the green.
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    After a LONG 8 years FINALLY approved

    Congratulations flyertekk! It would be really a big relief. Can you please post your details? I've been waiting for a long time on EB2 (7+ years). Please post any specific steps that you've taken to move the case as well. Enjoy your time. Regards.
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    Canada Landing Via Buffalo Questions

    Landing in CA, Pending 485 valid AP Thank you for this information. I need a bit clarity on the return to US process. I have my 485 pending and have a valid AP. I-94 expired, visa stamping (h1) expired). I hope I can use the AP to come back. Please suggest. Also, I have a valid H1 extension...
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    Canada PR - US GC Consular Processing

    Thank you speedyGonzales, Appreciate it. So, I can go and get the stamping done and come back on AP. Probably will plan for that. I'm interested in knowing the procedure for CP too. If you can tell me any hard steps that one has faced, it will be helpful for me. I can talk to the concerned...
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    Approved ...

    Thanks seeklabor! I tried contacting the senator and they took it up after 6 months. Unfortunately by the time they contacted, the visa numbers were unavailable (just for a couple of months). These people returned a letter saying it is pending. Further follow ups were not that fruitful. This is...
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    485 Conversion to Consular Processing

    Hello Gurus, Need your suggestion. My EB2 PD is Oct 2002. Despite many trials to move the case, it is still cold. I'm thinking of converting the 485 to Consular Processing. Do you know whether someone has done before? (I'm sure many would have). Basically I know that one can't continue on EAD...
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    October FY 2010 EB2 Approvals

    I saw one here, so far. Which is still a good news.
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    Approved ...

    Congratulations! I saw one denial and MTR. What is that about? Was it successful or had to file another one? Can you please explain? Enjoy the Green.
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    October FY 2010 EB2 Approvals

    Hi All, Haven't seen any postings on approvals after the new FY2010 quota started. Any movement in EB2 cases? Let us track the progress here. Wishing good luck to all.
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    Canada PR - US GC Consular Processing

    Hello Gurus, I need advise on my case. I'm Indian citizen, have been working on H1 in US since 2000. Applied for my LCA in Oct, 2002 (EB2). Applied 140 an 485 in Aug, 2004. 140 approved in Apr 2005. Since then I've been waiting for my GC with 5 renewals of EAD and AP. Applied Canadian PR in...
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    I am approved

    Congratulations Congrats 617diesel, It must be really a big relief for you. I'm also in the same boat, lot of FPs, APs, EADs and frustration..... :) Waiting for the good days to come out of this trap. All who are on EB2 and got recent approvals, please post your news here. People who are...
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    I 485 EB-2 only

    EB2 India PD Oct 2002 Hi All, My information is in the signature.