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Jan 26, 2015
Sep 3, 2012
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Jan 26, 2015
    1. MelanieT
      Congressman? You man uscis?
      I've already contacted them around 2 weeks ago and 4 weeks ago, they just told me to wait :\

      But you know what got me thinking? I send my i-485 around the same time as u and did my biometric earlier than u by 1-2 weeks...but now the interview letter is taking longer :o

      anywaaayssss how are you? :)
    2. emir.imdi
      I suggest you to contact your congressman if you don't get it til the end of the month. :) And God is definitely good :) finger crossed
    3. MelanieT
      Hey Emir~

      Some of my friends in the years back also wasn't asked for financial, then again mom found out some time ago that it's not in the law for us to have the financial (in other words they cant refuse us for not having it)

      I guess it's just as a backup-plan/play it safe :)

      Aside from that I haven't gotten my interview letter, It has been 1.5 months since my bio :)
      I hope I will get it soon, but in God alone will I trust :)
      In all circumstances, He is good ^^
    4. MelanieT
      Do you have time limit?

      I'm also waiting..my 2nd decade birthday is in July so my dad really wants me to go back so I can celebrate with them..nervous :)

      I believe..I claim, that everything will be all right though. For both of us :) And Geo guy/girl not sure!
    5. MelanieT
      That's great news!! :) But Oh man..I can't remember :\ My sponsor knew more than I did..
      If you follow the I-134 you should know :) especially number 7 where you can add proof for ur answers :)

      you can also ask the forum, really wise people out there ;) Hope everything goes well!
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    Case number - 2013ASF0003***
    05/1/2012 - DV-2013 Selectee
    07/10/2012 Mailed DSP-122 to KCC
    11/04/2013 Aos letter received
    12/03/2012 Aos receipt received
    12/26/2012 medical done
    05/01/2013 package sent to chicago
    05/13/13Form I-797C, Notice of Action received
    05/16/13 Biometrics letter received
    06/07/13 Biometrics completed
    07/15/13 interview letter received
    08/02/13 interview approved. (Card production)
    08/09/13 welcome letter