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    Called Asylum Office and Decision Is Mailed Out, Need Advice!

    can you tell us more if you sent I 589 while you were Out of Status? How long did it take you to get the interview date? which office?
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    Does state matter when filing asylum?

    how can you prove the address where you live if you do not have any contract or no bills?
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    March 2014 Newark office

    What's the situation? Lets get together the Newark applicants and share info. Good Luck everyone.
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    After I589, does less than 12 years old kids need do fingerprint and interview?

    thanks Waz...what about the testimony and interview?
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    ask: Decision Envelope for Family Asylum (more than 1 person)

    Can anyone tell their experience of applting with children under 18 yrs old? Do you include them in application with a separate form with the same answers or they do not sing at all?
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    Newark, NJ - N-400 Timeline

    any recent interview experience at this office?
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    Am I approved?

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    USA is another continent so based on fear this might be a choice to be as far as possible!
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    law school student attorney

    I am also very interested to read any similar experience...Did you apply or you are preparing the file with them?
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    i want to apply for asylum in usa.

    yeah thats what I think.. Better safe than sorry
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    For who was or still waiting for asylum decision more than 2 weeks

    Hi Journalist, Can you tell us a little bit more about the Newark officer?! How did your interview go? I will be applying at the same one.
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    i want to apply for asylum in usa.

    What about UK past asylum claims (13 yrs ago)? Do they appear? Is it neccessary to be declared?
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    Attorney OR Law Students????

    Thank you mercier, this was what keepse feel good. I will be going through this with Law students and I am sure I won't regret it. I was just courious to read any experience as I can not find any thread about this topic. Thnx again.
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    Attorney OR Law Students????

    Dear all, I would like to share the very good experience I am having preparing my case with a group of Law students of a University Law Clinic. Even though I had everything ready their effort and legal presentetation preparation of I589 of the file is more than proffessional. I am...