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    April 2006 bulletin-Predictions!

    Dear CDN69, I am also in the same boat as you are in. I am Canadian national born in India and waiting my EB1 priority date to be current. However, I think that even if I want to go back to TN, I would never be granted a TN visa because by applying for I-485 I intended to stay in USA...
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    Hayworth Amendment to Increase EB Visa Numbers

    Hayworth Amendment I think that Hayworth Amendment, even if it passes all the hurdles, will not be able to do anything to the current EB backlogs. According to the visa bulletin, the priority dates for family based 4th preference green cards are about 12 years earlier and in some cases, like...
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    A backup strategy - Canada is immigrant friendly

    Techy2468, If your last question is to me, I am now a Canadian citizen and so I can be out of Canada for any length of time and can go back there at any time. In the old PR rule, to keep the PR status one could not be out of Canada for more than six months and then had to live in Canada for at...
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    A backup strategy - Canada is immigrant friendly

    To me racial discrimination exists in Canada in professional field. I think that if I get green card then my professional developments would be better in USA. However, it is becoming too much stressful in getting the green card. So I think that I will have to make a compromise between the stress...
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    A backup strategy - Canada is immigrant friendly

    I would like to share my views about Canada. I lived in Canada for 8 years (in greater Toronto area) and now a Canadian citizen. My feeling is that visible minority professionals experience some discrimination in the professional fields in Canada. However, living standard in Canada is same as in...
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    Looks like the HR budget bill would be defeated today, still lack 13 votes

    I think that it does not matter to the EB visa retrogression whether the bill H.R. 4241 is accepted or defeated because it contains only provision of increasing L1 visa fees and not retrogression issues. It will be better if the conference between house and senate happens quicker and they come...
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    EB-1 Priority Date Tracker: 2002 to 2005

    EB1 (India born, Canadian national) I-140 PD April 15/2005 I-140 AD June 15/2005 I-485 RD May 27/2005 FP date July 01/2005 FP RD July 12/2005 LUD July 14/2005 Waiting for I-485 approval-Suffering from India EB1 retrogression?
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    Retrogression and forward movement with new years quota

    FY 2006 is from Oct 2005- Sep 2006. So, counting for those 140,000 numbers has already begun. Also, in each of the first 3 quarters, not more than 27% green cards can be issued. It seems to be difficult to predict the cut-off date movements.
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    AOS Interview letters sent after October 1st?

    The following is my feelings only. I may be totally wrong! So, do not rely on my thoughts. It seems to me that some of the peoples who have already received A# would be able to get their I-485 approved even their priority date has retrogressed, provided visas are available to their country of...
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    Tracker:485 Approvals after Retrogression:Oct to Dec 2005

    Are you from one of the EB2 retrogressed countries? I would appreciate if you can post the information.
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    Retrogression math for EB1

    Hello, I think that the retrogression for EB1 India will not take 2-3 years to clear. This is due to the following two reasons: 1. If you see the EB1 green card issuance during last few years, the distribution among its three subcategories are approximately as follows; Multinational...