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    Stamping Experience at Newark NJ - Must Read !

    yes all EAD cards and AP Docs to be submitted.
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    Stamping Experience at Newark NJ - Must Read !

    I got my approval stampted on June 25 (yesterday). Newark office seems to be handeling these cases on Wed between 8-12 only. I and my wife went at 9:00 AM, they sent us to 2nd floor There was no line at this office i was happy that may be i will be out in 10-15 min as per some post in...
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    Approved RD - Jan 24 '02 on June 18

    As i said the salary for another employer (for which i substituted )was under 55 K in 1997, and at time of RFE in 2000 my salary was matching the INS/Labor department requirements of salary. So the attorney replied with the changes in the salary as per requirement !
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    Approved RD - Jan 24 '02 on June 18

    RFE was regarding the salary: When orignal filed in 1997 the salary was less, but when RFE in 2000 they wanted the salary to be in sync with current (year 2000 - dot com boom salary)
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    Approved RD - Jan 24 '02 on June 18

    Hi Everyone, My and my wifes case got approved on June 18. I checked on friday if was not approved. My wife checked on Sunday and the status was updated ??!!??. We could not belive it , i doublecheck it and then tried the phone check and it was approved !!! We are very happy, and hope...
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    VSC I485 Fiscal Yr 2002 - Progress Reports

    EAC-02-109 Hi guys, I will take care of the 109 series.
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    Scanning All 485 Cases possible !

    I will scan EAC-02-109 Hi guys, Sorry for not beeing on top of this, though i started this thread. But i am very thankfull to kashmir to help us out at VSC. Also thankfull to sbctsublc for taking the lead at VSC. I am sure we can also get all the VSC cases for 2002 scanned out and...
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    Scanning All 485 Cases possible !

    Hi Everyone, Not sure if you guys have looked at this thread in 485 issues in CSC. They have scanned ALL the cases (not just 485 cases) and have put up states on this thread With help of all the visitors to this VSC thread we can do the same...
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    Anybody knows more about LC Substitution...pls respond

    There is no special form... There is a letter from the employer and or the attorney describing the situration
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    Spoke to IIO on May 27

    Spoke to IIO about my address change. BCIS had my new address, confirmed for my wife too. Also asked when would my case approve ? She said cant say, they are proceessing Dec 01 Cases and it may take a while. I told her that my FP was expiring in month or so, she said my FP was valid for...
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    Approved RD Nov 17

    Talk to my friend today He and his wife got approved two day ago They got RFE in last week of april they submitted papers (for two years taxreturn and employer letter) and got the approval two days ago. They had address change, and BCIS had not updated their address, they got thier...
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    Stats for ND 12/3, 12/28, 1/3, 1/16, 2/1-2/7

    Can you please post stats for JAN 23 02 RD 01/23/02 ND 02/11/02 EAC 02-108-5****