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    tier 1 entrepreneur self-employed

    I read on the UK visas website that I can be a self-employed person in order to apply for the visa. however, when I read the extension rules, it says that I must have employed atleast 2 persons full time. this presents a dichotomy. I've asked a bunch of 'experts' online and they say that I...
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    fair return investment opportunities for EB-5

    I'm exploring the case for EB-5 for a green card for my whole family. while I could put up the $500k, I am interested in exploring if there are: any TEAs that have a good return offering (atleast 4% I imagine) any $1m investment opportunities that offer a good business opportunity in general-...
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    Finding EB5 Investors

    I imagine some kind of certification from the USCIS would go a long way. if you can show this is legit- I can help you out, provided the attorney (most likely Mr. Khanna) is able to vet it.
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    Recording Available, September 03, Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    Mr. Khanna, i would like to get some macro level advice- i wish to migrate to the USA. i'm a research professional with over 10 years of experience in the line, and have started a government marketing service 2 years ago, and as such i offer the ability to provide a unique marketing facility...