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    Name Check

    Based on my time-line I can infer that EAD is not dependent on FBI name check results. As soon as you apply 485, they trigger your name check. usually FBI name check results take 1-2 weeks (my wife got results back in 2 days), but mine took more than one year. Even then, I did get EAD/AP in 2...
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    Checked with my Lawyer...Boy oh Boy

    This reminds me of PERM bill, so many back and forth version for at least few years, before It gets finalized. maybe DOS/INS combo will work better than DOL.
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    H1B after 6th year: 1yr or 3yr extensions ?

    neha_wal, you can join company B based on pending LC with company A and keep increasing your H1 extensions also, even though you left the company. LC is for future/current employee, most likely your company won't cancel ur pending LC as they can use it with subs LC. If they cancel, that maybe...
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    ANY MARCH 2004 Guys!!!

    Guys, Keep sending mails/faxes/emails to FBI,senator,congressmen. It does work. My FBI name check was pending since Jan 2004 and got cleared in Feb 2005. In fact, I found out that it's pending in Nov 2004. Since then, I have sent fax/email and regular mail almost every week. I even went to few...
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    485 Approoooooved

    Finally Approved !!!!! Hi LS_2004, Congratulations. Hopefully you will see spouse approval soon. Thanks to all for your help & timely replies.. Desi145 you have been my saviour... Glad to be helpful to someone. It's party time now..just kidding.
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    PERM is unjust, let write letter to congressman, President.

    Hi rahulatDC,wboyi and others.. fantastic work is carried out here! I totally agree that PERM is unjust for guys like u waiting for more than 2-3 yrs. I have been through all this crap. It's even more frustrating in this changing economy and retrogression taking place in USCIS. I would...
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    Plastic Card Tracker

    completed the process and received the card. ppstamp - 3/3/05 SJC CO-3/14/05 CM-3/16/05 CR-3/18/05
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    FBI Name Check Cleared but waiting for 485 approval

    Lalu, I saw LUD on 485 exactly after a week. ( week after FBI sent results to USCIS).
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    Plastic Card Tracker

    my status changed today to ordered card. passport stamp date - 3/3/05 SJC CO-3/14/05
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    Plastic Card Tracker

    I don't see any LUD, message change or welcome letter either. PP stamping San Jose - 3/3/05
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    FBI Name Check Cleared but waiting for 485 approval

    I called the senator office first and then faxed them the papers. called again after couple of days, to make sure they receive the fax, and if they have any questions/doubts. I sent the printout of the email received from FBI regarding the name check status as well.
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    FBI Name Check Cleared but waiting for 485 approval

    Hi LS_2004, sorry to hear about ur job loss. submit an email inquiry to csc in couple of days. This may trigger them to check ur file in a week. Also try to write senator/congressman office for help, there inquiry may reach INS in couple of weeks, and by that time your name check results may...
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    desi145 Approved!! It's the time to disco!

    completed stamping process in San Jose this morning. I would suggest to get an early morning appointment. My appt time was 8 AM, reached INS office at 7:45 and out of the office by 8:17 AM. The whole process was piece of cake. Here are the details. at the front door, they look for your...
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    desi145 Approved!! It's the time to disco!

    hi slow485,waiting_for_485 and others.. thank you very much for ur messages. gc_man, there is a thread by Rahul Kumar, which suggest all details. You can send email to or send fax to FBI requesting name check status, expedite request. Please search this forum to find...
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    desi145 Approved!! It's the time to disco!

    Thanks LS_2004 and others! LS_2004, YES, LUD change was good sign. It took 16 days to get approval after FBI name check results sent. Also, I noticed that my case disappeared from the telephone system since last couple of days, so that could also be a sign to watch for. Wish you all the best!