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    Dentist Visa information

    spouse dds hi, if u r on H1 then u will need a green card / us citizen to co-sign for the student loans of 150 K or so for ur spouse. i was paying for my wife. u wont see ur paycheck for a while. u already know how many years it takes to get the gc. i am pending for last 4yrs with no end in...
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    Pending GC affect on degree

    Hello, My GC is pending since oct 2005, EB2 India. It was current during sept -oct 2008 but did not get processed. Tried contacting nebraska , congressman, infopass, national cust service as usual etc but nothing helped. All background checks are complete., I am unable to apply for a degree...
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    RECORDING available for April 9 Conference Call

    Pending GC and education. Hi Rajiv, My GC is under EB 2 india, Priority date sept 2005 ( not surrent). I currently work on EAD at a community clinic in Illinois. I completed a certificate program at the local university in 2003 and was licensed to work as a dentist in Illinois. In 2008...
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    Ac 21 concern

    AC 21 qs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I am on my 2 ead and my wife too. I am planning to leave my job from a community heath center who filed my gc. Joining a private entity has the risk fo getting fired easily. So i am thinking...
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    Applying AC21, Urgent help needed

    AC 21 qs Hi, I am on my 2 ead and my wife too. I am planning to leave my job from a community heath center who filed my gc. Joining a private entity has the risk fo getting fired easily. So i am thinking of joining another health center. I have to give a three month notice to my present...
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    Dental License needs SSN - SSN needs H1 - H1 needs license

    this might work Hi, go to dean's office , ask them to provide letter about ssn reqd for dental license. then go to international office with all ur visa papers and dean letter. give them both ask them to write a letter to social security office to issue you a ssn - not valid for work...
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    Dentist (BDS) From Pakistan, Recognized in US?

    repeat course for 2 yrs atleast All foreign BDS grads have to repeat course ranging from 2 to 3 yrs at any ada recognised univ to be eligible to practice in US. there r some 15 or so colleges who have intl programs. After u grad u have to take licensure exam or sign up for 1 yr residency to...
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    I got fired by my company

    Find a new job and transfer ASAP. you dont know how long it will take before you actually get a new one, so don't wait. you dont want to be out of status even for a day. if you are getting a W 2 payroll continue on that. its safer. hope this helps.
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    Carry Money to US.

    hi, u can carry upto 10000 USD in cash or tc's. if u carry more than that, u need to declare. carry all conversion receipts for cash / tc's with u.
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    Warning! US Senate Amnesty bill contains in-state tuition for illegal aliens!

    VP singh / mandal is here too looks similar to a SC/ ST issue to me..............
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    credentai evaluation for physician

    chk this go to weblink and call them. I think they evaluate all educational fields. or they have express service available., but u have to shell out extra. if they ask for documents, have them sent by by fedex. i had no problems.
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    Dentist - LC

    Wow chk PM
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    paper filed EAD @ NSC - processing time ?

    EAD/AP approved I filed EAD and AP paper based on feb 10. received approval email for both on 3/29/06.
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    H-1for dentist

    For H-1 they need to show you are a full time employee of the clinic, being paid a fixed base salary. When the employer has to fill out papers they need to provide a letter to this effect. offered wage and benefits. Take a look at new I 129 to see for any changes. u can have a base pay of say...
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    Infopass answer we recently made an infopass appt to enquire about the I 485 case status, PD is not current though. We found that our FBI clearance is done. The lady said that since they are processing june 05 cases we will have to wait. Our files appear to be intact and not lost. The...