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    H-1B/H-4 -Apply for permanent residence?

    <<how long my husband would have to wait before he could apply for permanent residence in the US>> If his employer is willing to sponsor him the process should take only several months or maybe 1-2 years. Having said that, if your clients are based outside the US and if you can work with them...
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    Re-entry to USA with H1-B

    You can come from anywhere. That is not the issue, but the bigger issue will be why you were away for so long. It is expected that h1b folks are hired to work in the US. That might trigger more aggressive questioning and even revoking the visa. Talk to your attorney before taking on this...
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    visitor visa for canada

    <<my questions are how many months Canada gives visa for?>> It depends on the officer at the airport. There is no guaranteed fixed time either in Canada or USA.
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    I-130 and Working overseas question

    Well, the idea behind a GC is that she will live here and if you are going to move to Kuwait, she will not live here and then her GC will be in jeopardy. It is best that you delay the GC process till you are both ready to move back to USA. Since you are a citizen, you can sponsor her any time...
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    Don't remember if i filed taxes in 2000,2001 and 2004

    Technically, yes, and most likely you will get away with it, but just in case this issue came up, the USCIS might even conclude that your GC was approved in error and revoke it (be prepared for a court fight). Your best option still is to file your taxes for the years that you did not file...
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    Green card after deportation?

    <<will he get another ten year ban?>> Maybe, depending on how long his second stay was. Plus, reentering illegally after deportation is a felony. In other words, he has two felonies now on his record. << Is there anyway around this?> Ask for a waiver because you are a citizen. Make sure you...
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    Marrying US citizen in Ontario

    <<Can anyone tell me what is needed for bringing her across the border?>. Hey, America is her home, she does not need anything other than her passport or passport card. <<Do we need to tell them that we just got married?>> Nope, unless you are asked. A few times while driving back from...
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    I94 expired 4 months ago!! Help

    You should leave immediately before you are arrested for being illegally in the country and deported.
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    Don't remember if i filed taxes in 2000,2001 and 2004

    Part 11, question 7 A.
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    F1/OPT with approved I-130

    If you stay beyond your legally authorized stay you will be accruing unlawful presence in the country and that can affect your chance to get a green card. So you must leave now.
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    How to File Tax While I Gave Up F1 and Am Now An Asylum Applicant?

    Yeah, turbotax has a free version for low income people.
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    Job I didn't start on employment history

    Generally, the test is if you actually worked and got paid. In your case, no need to include it.
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    Don't remember if i filed taxes in 2000,2001 and 2004

    Raju, you need to consult with a tax attorney. If you made decent income (I am assuming tens of thousands on an H1B visa) and if you failed to file a tax return, you are in a lot of trouble. Not filing a return is a serious crime. However, you can file late, and pay a penalty for not filing...
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    I864 Mailing Address of Principal Immigrant

    For the purpose of USCIS Form I-864 for sponsoring a spouse by US citizen, in part 2 (information on the principal immigrant) you will put his Spanish address because that is where he currently lives. You can put your US address in part 4. Actually, if you husband is in Spain, you will be...
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    I864 Domicile (Part 4)

    Well, the idea behind showing ties to US (properties that you own, through a job that you will join, a college you will attend, a house that you are buying, a lease for a rental, school admission for kids, etc.) are ways to prove that you are serious about relocating to the United States (I am...