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    How to sign the US passport?

    My husband's passport is signed with his regular signature (like in the check book). I also asked a friend of mine to show me his passport, it was also signed with a normal signature... I am going to do just the same — no full names in cursive. BTW, I think, in case you have a dual...
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    Expedited Passport

    Got it. It's a new e-passport. Looks really cheesy :D Here's my timeline: Applied expedited (plus overnight delivery both ways) — March 22 On-line status appears — March 29 Passport is finished and mailed to me —April 17 Date of issue — April 14 Mailed from Los Angeles.
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    Expedited Passport

    I've waited a whole month... 4 weeks is a standard processign time during a high season travel period, so I wouldn't sweat if I were you... Remember ? that's not a USCIS you are dealing with :)
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    Expedited Passport

    Today the status of my application had finally changed from "being processed" to "finished processing, and the passport has been mailed." It says since I paid overnight delivery I should receive it on or about 4/19/07... Considerign the fact that there's a fairly small distance between San...
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    Expedited Passport

    I applied expedited on March 22, they got it the next morning, March 23... It's been 3 weeks now... still no passport. Th status remains the same — "thank you for submitting your application, it is being processed, you should receive your passport within 4 weeks, bla bla bla..." My trip is in...
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    Expedited Passport

    Could you please share your timeline?
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    Expedited Passport

    It's been 2 weeks, but still no change in online status. Still says "Thank you for submitting your application. You should receive passport within 4 weeks..." No date of estimated arrival is mentioned. Trying to stay calm:D
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    Ready To Take Action!

    Oh, honey.... I see that your interview was conducted in 2005... Why did you wait so long? Sue, sue, sue!
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    I Am Done!!!

    Hi there, Ok,Interview Descheduled Notice Date is the date on the "notice of deschedule" which I got a few days before my originally scheduled interview. The good thing about the whole ordeal was that I got new interview date a few days after the "deschedule notice." Unfortunately, one can't...
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    On to the last stage - interview complete; waiting for oath

    And as it turned out, that was the best thing to do:) Congrats! We started almost at the same time, so I have been followign your case as well. The pain is over!
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    Expedited Passport

    an update Hi everyone, Here's my timeline: Applied @PO (expedited): March 22 Checks cashed: March 27 Online status appeared: March 29 The case status says I should expect it within 4 weeks from the date I applied. We'll see...... :rolleyes:
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    Expedited Passport

    I don't know about others, but I had to apply for expedited since my trip is in May. With the pace they are going right now, it is better to be on the safe side.
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    Its over..I am done :)

    Congrats!!! Wow, that was super fast!
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    Expedited Passport

    That is incorrect. Appointment is needed at some post offices.