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    Finally Approved...RD Nov 2001

    Enjoy your holiday. Congrat!
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    Merry Christmas: our GC journey is over.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. My wife just received the card last night. ( I got mine 2 months ago) I consider that as the Christmas Gift from CIS. So our GC journey is oever. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting.
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    How safe is it to change the job after GC

    People talk about 6 months. Also heard about the 30-60-90 days rules. I guess there is really no standard operating procedure for this, especially with AC-21 and other issue. People have to take their own risk on this.
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    Surprise Again!!

    My wife has the same situation. However, the reason for her case is after we've filed a status inquiry, her case got approved.
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    Is Arlington office moved to Fairfax?.

    They are moving after Thanksgiving. Just got back from Arlington Office. From the notice I have" "... we will be closed to the public from Tuesday, November 23, 2004 through Monday November 29, 2004. We will open to the public for appointments only on Tuesday, November 30, 2004 at our new...
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    can I make stamping appointment in regional offices at my choice

    It may depend on the officer who distribute tickets. Who knows? The office I ran into mentioned the "Proof of Residence" document to a young woman. I was standing next to her. She only has some kind of ID, but the the officer didn't take it. Even though she has the infopass appointment...
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    Washington DC office Stamping Experience with effective use of INFOPASS

    teene Your question has been discussed in other threads. Do a search with "Stamping", "Arlington", "Infopass".....
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    can I make stamping appointment in regional offices at my choice

    When I did my stamping, a "prove of residence" document is required: dirving licence, Bills with name and address, etc....
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    Anybody who recd card recently after stamping in Arlington, VA

    I did my stamping at Arlington Office. I did my stamping at Arlington Office.
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    Infopass Appointment - Arlington.

    I have the same question :confused: I used infopass for my stamping. Now I tried to make an appointment for my wife, I don't see this option anymore??? "You have received an approval letter or Form I-797C from the Service Center or local office instructing you to come into the office for...
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    Derivative approved (11/1/04): 41 days after primary's approval

    Just got 2 CIS emails for my wife's approval. :D 41 days after my approval. Initialized status inquiry last week. Don't think that triggers the approval. Somehow I saw many people have the same situation like us that the couples don't get approved at the same time. Read another...
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    How many initiated the Case Status inquiry with RD < 06/01/2003

    Lawyer's letter or phone inquiry My wife just called NSC yesterday for case status inquiry. Do you think inquiry letter from lawyer is more effective? Or the inquiry from Congressman? Thanks.
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    VSC processing date is June 2003..but July 2002 still pending

    Could you tell me the NSC 1-800 number? Thanks.
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    Infopass appointment at Alexandria VA for I-551 stamp?????

    I did. But it was almost a month ago.