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    Scholarship programs For Student Loan

    Thanks for the direct link to scholarships program.
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    TN -> Green card: What do experts think of this lawyer's advice?..

    According to lawyer you have to look curiousgeorge on this board or try to find some e agent probably
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    GC for Parents - AOS and CP - Information Source

    i am not sure on the form itself or on seprate sheet, which both you and your parents recieves. SO when you send your form to them send that barcode form along with it. Make sure you take a copy and retain it with yourself.
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    How to Apply for a Green Card- Do it Yourself

    It explicitly explains where to send it if you are filing the I-130 and I-485 concurrently.
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    US citizen parents sponsoring over 21 son..

    One of my friend is in the same situation as you are but he was filed back in Aug 2008 right now the current PD family based category 1 in Apr 2009 and he has been stuck in this month (or retro) for over a year. His parent became citizen this month so now they're in the process of upgrading his...